BLIND DATE CHALLENGE- Steaming pot: Andrew and Julie

Blind Date Challenge

Andrew is a 27-year-old who is tall (6'3') with red hair and hazel eyes, and he works for an international organization planning events. He has a BA in Economics from UVA, likes to see live music and travel, and leans towards the liberal end of the spectrum. Andrew likes to do a lot of different outdoor activities such as mountain biking, kickball, and hiking. He describes himself as "a laid-back, good-natured guy who also likes adventure." He's looking for a "nice, smart, funny, open-minded girl who enjoys a good time."

Julie is also 27 and also quite tall (5'11") with a slender frame, long reddish-brown hair, hazel eyes, and glasses. She is a history teacher with a BA in Journalism and a Master's in Social Studies Education and considers herself liberal on most issues. Julie loves listening to alternative, folk, and classic rock and enjoys making up her own music on the guitar. She loves reading anything in American history, but her favorite book is Manhunt by James L. Swanson. When asked what makes her stand out, Julie says, "I like to wear heels so literally I stand out in a crowd," and she is looking for a tall guy who "doesn't take himself too seriously, has a good sense of humor, and has an appreciation for the quirkiness in his life."

The date begins at Charlottesville's Melting Pot– will things steam up? Will their hearts melt? Or will the fondue pot be the only thing that's hot & steamy...

What did you do to get ready for the date? 

Andrew: Took a shower and put on some clean clothes.

Julie: Nothing out of the ordinary– showered, dressed, generally made sure I looked like a presentable human being.

Did you get there first?

Andrew: I did. She was only about 5 minutes behind. I got a beer at the bar while waiting.


Julie: Not especially— it's a chance to meet someone new.

Andrew: No.

Your first impression?

Julie: Tall and cute, and he had a great smile.

Andrew: She seemed very relaxed and easy going. It made me feel like she was taking on the challenge for the same reasons I was– just to have a good time and meet someone new.

What was he/she wearing?

Andrew: Black shirt, pants, beaded necklaces, glasses.

Julie: A button-down shirt and shorts.

Was he/she your type?

Andrew: I'm not sure I exactly have a type. I think on the pre-date questionaire I said I was looking for a pretty girl with a nice smile. So, sure, I guess she was my type.

Julie: I don't really have a type— I've been attracted to a range of different people, but I definitely thought he was cute.


Did you order drinks?

Julie: We both had a couple of beers.

Andrew: We had a beer before going to our table and ordered a few more beers throughout the meal.

How was your meal?

Julie: Great! There was definitely a plethora of food.

Andrew: It was good. I really liked the dessert. Fondue is definitely a good date idea especially when you might not know the other person so well. 

What did you order?

Andrew: We had a four-course fondue: cheese, salad, entree with lobster and filet mignon, and a chocolate dessert fondue.

Julie: Cheese fondue and an assortment of meat and veggies that we cooked at the table.

What did you talk about?

Julie: The conversation ran from the basic getting-to-know-you stuff to favorite albums, hiking spots, and acknowledging that this was the blindest blind date either of us had ever been on.

Andrew: What superpower we'd want (prompted by our pre-date questions). We also joked around about what we'd write about the each other the next day.

[As for the super-powers question, if they were able to pick a superpower: Andrew would time travel; Julie would fly.]

How did the conversation flow?

Andrew: There were a couple lulls, but things wound up being perfectly comfortable.

Julie: Pretty well.

What did you find most interesting about your date?

Julie: He's very into outdoor activities and used to lead river expeditions out West, which I thought was pretty darn cool.

Andrew: That she taught a class for high schoolers over the summer for improv comedy.

What was the weirdest/most uncomfortable topic of conversation?

Julie: I don't think there really were any strange points.

Andrew: Nothing really comes to mind. It might take a lot to weird me out.

Did you feel any chemistry?

Andrew: Things felt more casual and friend-like for a first date. Maybe there would be if we get together in a different environment now that we've met.

Julie: We definitely got along pretty well and had fun, but I think we'd need to hang out again outside of the blind date situation to see what's up.

Any surprises?

Andrew: We went to another bar after dinner for a drink. My roommate was there, and it turned out he substituted taught for her about a year ago. It was interesting to hear them talk about one of her classes.

Julie: Aren't blind dates supposed to be full of surprises? 

Anything you didn't like about your date?

Julie: Nothing comes to mind.

Andrew: Maybe just that we have a few interests that don't align. I guess that doesn't have to be a bad thing though.

How did the date end?

Julie: We left the restaurant and went to another bar for a bit where a friend of his was playing music.

Andrew: I walked her back to where she parked. We exchanged numbers, hugged, and said goodnight.

Would you go out again?

Andrew: Sure.

Julie: Definitely.

What actor/actress does your date remind you of?

Andrew: Tina Fey.

Julie: He kind of reminded me of the guy from Once, but my date was better looking.

What would your theme song for the date be?

Julie: nothing comes to mind.

Andrew: Van Halen, "Hot for Teacher" (Had to say it).

Rate the date:

Julie: 9.

Andrew: 7.

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