QUESTION OF THE WEEK- Have you survived a big storm?


Sarah Davis: "We were on vacation in the '80s. I was really small, maybe second grade. We were in Nags Head, and Hurricane Charlie hit and they were wanting everyone to evacuate. My parents said, no, we're staying. My mom decided to go out and do laundry in the middle of the hurricane. We were driving back to our beach house, and we saw birds that couldn't fly– they were stuck in mid-air because the wind was pushing them backwards."


Jose Giron: "I was driving down to Florida and there was a big tornado, a few miles away. There was a lot of hail, and it was a lot of fun."


Lynelle Lawrence: "We were down in the Keys, and this hurricane was coming. We had this little hotel, and we didn't have anywhere to go. They said, alright, we'll just bring you some food, leave you here and hope everything's okay when we get back in five days. So they brought us all kinds of thermoses of coffee and wine and croissants and everything they had. They gave us the nicest room they had. We sat it out in bed playing cards by candlelight for five days while the hurricane passed over."