LETTER- You stop, Brazen Careerist!

I have enjoyed many of the articles written by the Brazen Careerist, but her piece extolling Sarah Palin as a "great career counselor" has cost her most of her credibility with me. [July 23: "Sarah Palin: She's a great career counselor"]

All politics aside, Palin's decision to leave office does not compare favorably or accurately to someone making a career change. Leaving a job under a cloud of ethics violation investigations just doesn't support the concept of running your own career, it appears to be more about running away. Call me old fashioned, but that is not a career path to emulate in my humble opinion.

Most of us have jobs that were given to us in trust by a small group of individuals. Palin's job was given to her by an entire state of voters. I fail to see how that comparison works in career management for the average professional.

MJ Hammonds