QUESTION OF THE WEEK- Where do you work out?


Pat Costello: "ACAC.  I think when we first moved here they were the most successful, they had done the most marketing I guess, we recognized the name, and we had some child care, so it kind of worked well hand in hand with that."


Kaitlyn Smeland: "I actually work out at home right now.  Because I'm not a big fan of the Gold's Gym here, and I just moved, I just got married, so I'm going to start going to UVA eventually with my husband, but for right now it's just at home."


James Wall: "ACAC.  Because they have really good facilities.  I use the machines."



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great questions, but can we ask about something time sensitive, without answers 'sponsored by ACAC.' I and many others are thinking of a potentially poorly understood food safety acts moving through judicial process right now. these will affect access to healthy local and affordable food for our friends and family. lets ask what people think of these?
thank you,