QUESTION OF THE WEEK- What's your favorite park?

Katherine Edwards: "We go to Washington Park a lot just because we live close by.  I like to put her in the swings, and we go to the pool a lot at Washington Park."

Jean Craig: "McIntire Park, because it's a tradition in Charlottesville.  I have lots of happy memories going to see the fireworks when I was little, taking my children and my grandchildren to play in the park.  I just don't want that parkway going through there."

Jamel Johnson: "McIntire.  It's the best park out here.  Fireworks, the fireworks are great here.  And it's probably the biggest park out here."



the parkway doesnt go through the actual park. it goes through the un-used golf course. the YMCA is the problem.

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Just because you don't use the golf course does not mean it is unused. The course is part of Charlottesville history and should be preserved. It does not make sense to take one of the greenest portions of our town (a maintenance free golf course) and turn it into a high-maintenance botanical garden in the name of sustainability.

I will be so glad when this road is done...

The only memories I have of that part of the park is drinking beer when I was 16.

Save the Golf Course, how many species of native plants and wildlife currently live on the golf course itself? By your definition, a parking lot would be really sustainable...

Keep in mind a botanical garden is only one possible option... We could create a bird and wildflower sanctuary there instead. After all, one existed there previously, until the 250 bypass destroyed it.