LETTER- Hook unfair to I-64 shooter

I have and will continue to read the Hook. However, until very recently, I have never experienced your journalism, or rather sensationalism, first hand.

My family has been a friend of Slade Woodson. That's right, the I-64 shooter. I was in the court room as well as your reporter. I heard the same words that she listened to that day. Yet it seems that the only impact on your reporter [June 23 story: "Inmate: 'He wanted to kill someone that night'"]was from a convicted felon claiming to quote Slade.

It was obvious to everyone he had not even a little credibility. In one version, Slade wanted to kill, and later in his testimony the felon said Slade didn't want to talk and wouldn't talk, even though the convict was very curious.

I'm not trying to pardon Slade, but I have questions. Who shot where and when? It can't be proved. Why is Brandon [Dawson] free when he had a part in it? Slade has 15 years.

In court, they asked every witness if Slade were released today, would you welcome him into your home. Each and every witness on Slade's behalf said yes.

Unfortunately, the Hook only reported the partial testimony. Is Slade guilty for his part? Yes. Is the Hook guilty for being partial? Yes.

Tina Frazier


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