BLIND DATE CHALLENGE: Good sport, bad sport: Mary and Kurt

Blind Date Challenge 

Kurt* is a 31-year-old sports enthusiast who enjoys the nightlife and working out. A local radio show host and salesperson, he says he loves to laugh and cites his sense of humor, along with his eyes, as his best traits. He's looking for a woman who's "athletic and about my height [5'6"], who's not easily offended, likes sports, and takes care of herself." Doesn't seem too unreasonable...

Mary* is a 23-year-old special education teacher who claims her sense of humor is also a top trait. A blond, blue-eyed animal lover, she also enjoys sports, hiking, and swimming. Like Kurt, Mary says her eyes are her best feature. Will her lovely peepers light up when she meets Kurt, or will, gasp!, someone end up offended?

*Not their real names.

The date takes place at The Melting Pot...

What did you do to get ready for the date?  

Mary: Nothing out of the ordinary. Shower, make-up, clothes.

Kurt: Brushed up on my manners.

Who got there first?

Kurt: I did. I had a vodka tonic or two while waiting and looked at the menu and the overall shininess of the place.

Were you nervous?

Kurt: A little. I mean, I'm kind of in the dark here!

Mary: No. I took the date as a win/win situation– free food and meet someone new.

What was your first impression of your date?

Kurt: She was very pretty and had a nice smile.

Mary: Not what I expected...

What was he/she wearing?

Kurt: A dress.

Mary: Pants and a blue button-up shirt that was buttoned all the way to the top.

Did you like their style?

Kurt: Yes, I did. 

Mary: He was dressed really conservatively. I like someone with a little more edge.

(Matchmaker must take some of the blame for this one. Kurt asked how dressy he needed to be and was told the last guy wore a button down shirt and jeans.)

Did you order drinks?

Mary: Big time. We drank two bottles of red wine.

Kurt: Yes, we had some nice wine and got our [Grey] Goose on.

How was your meal? 

Mary: I wasn't that hungry, but what I ate was good.

Kurt: Excellent, lots of things to choose from, and it was fun, too. We had cheddar fondue and then shrimp, chicken, and beef.

What did you talk about?

Kurt: What we do for work, what sports we like and have played.  Horseshoes and shuffle board. She lived on a farm; I grew up on one as well. Places we have lived or traveled to. 

Mary: We talked about what we did for a living, where we were from, just random stuff you would ask a person you don't know.

How did the conversation flow?

Mary: He was easy to talk to.

Kurt: It flowed like beer at a frat party! No uncomfortable silences, lots of talking.

What did you find most interesting about your date?

Kurt: That she played lacrosse, her job, and her selection of excellent wine.

Mary: He didn't really thrill me.

What was the most uncomfortable part of the date itself?

Mary: It was kinda awkward when he asked me out again in the middle of the date. What am I supposed to say?

Kurt: There wasn't a lot of room at the table. Maybe they planned it that way.

Anything you didn't like about your date?

Kurt: No, not really. She was very nice and good looking.

Mary: I wouldn't say I didn't like something, but he's just not someone that I would date.

What did you all have in common?

Mary: We both grew up on a farm.

Kurt: Sports, and we like to have drinks... maybe too many.

Did you feel any chemistry?

Kurt: I did. I thought we got along very well.

Mary: Maybe after the second bottle of wine. (Just kidding.)

What was your favorite part of the date?

Kurt: The gigantic wine glasses, the good conversation, and the waitress laughing at everything.

Mary: The free dinner.

How did the date end?

Mary: I was getting bored, so I asked if he wanted to come to bars with me.

Kurt: We went to another bar to have a drink. The place had a DJ on a Monday. I found that interesting. 

Kiss? or hug? or handshake?

Mary: I can't really remember. I think a hug.

Kurt: Hug.

Would you go out again?

Mary: It was a fun time, and I think he would maybe be fun to have as a friend, but he was not someone that I would want to pursue romantically.

Kurt: I believe so– we exchanged numbers. Maybe play horseshoes or go to lunch.

What actor/actress does your date remind you of? 

Kurt: Tara Reid with a little Drew Barrymore mixed in.

Mary: George Costanza.

Rate the date:

Kurt: I would say a 10.... A ****ing 10!

Mary: Around a 5.

Alas, beautiful eyes alone do not a lovematch make. And for the record, it seems Mary has an unusual way of  treating someone she claims could be a future friend.... 

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