Everyone says they want someone smart with a good sense of humor, and this week's couple both seem to fit that bill. Jen's 28 years old, a former theater major who says her green eyes are "reminiscent of the deep woods in late summer." (She might be a poet, too, it seems!)

Tall with short dark hair, she's a "product advocate" for a local store, and she's looking for "someone that shares dreams of ambition and personal development" who also values education.

Thirty-year-old Brett, a graduate student finishing his dissertation, surely knows about education– and, like Jen, he has some experience with performing. He hosted a radio talk show in college featuring "general gossip and $#@! talk," and says his best feature is his outgoing personality and his smile. 

Will these two be on the same wavelength? 

The date begins at Charlottesville's Melting Pot. Will things steam up? Will their hearts melt? Or will the fondue pot be the only thing that's hot & steamy...

What did you do to get ready for the date?

Brett: I brushed my teeth, listened to some R.E.M., and did some general fidgeting.

Jen: Sometimes being Type A isn't very convenient. Of course my choice had to be approved by committee that, like Congress, added and subtracted with their own constituents in mind, all wondering if I would be over or underdressed. 

How long did it take you to get ready?

Jen: All in all, I'd say, 2 hours.

Brett: Not too long. I had already showered earlier, so I used a little cologne. Not too much, just shoot in the air and run through the mist rather than direct application.

Did you get there first? 

Brett: Yes, I'm almost always late, but I was getting bored of Mr. Stipe, so off I went. Once at the bar, I ordered a Johnnie Walker Gold, neat, and read some of this book about how to write a good argument.

Jen: I work until 6pm so it was a mad dash home followed by a whirlwind of dressing, touching up, spraying on, and still not thinking you got it right so you're breathing hard. 

What was your first impression?

Jen: He had a nice smile, and his eyes seemed open and friendly. 

Brett: She was one of those people who looks smart. She was also reservedly cool in a Paul Newman sort of way. I could tell she had confidence.

What was your date wearing?

Jen: Jeans, sturdy looking but stylish shoes and a nice button down with the cuffs rolled up to his elbows.

Brett: She was much better dressed than I was! She has a decent amount of shine above the shoulders, but the rest was ninja black.

Was he/she your type?

Jen: Frankly I'm a sucker for dark hair, but instead he was blond with blue eyes. However, he was a very attractive man.

Brett: I do prefer long hair, but any hesitation melted away after we started chatting.

Did you order drinks?

Brett: Of course. I kept the red wine rolling. 

Jen: Yes, I had a very decent Sauvignon Blanc, which went well with the meal.

How was your meal?

Brett: We had cheese fondue and went straight to dessert. The staff checked up on us a lot. I'm sure they were giggling. 

Jen: I had never tried fondue before and thought it would be fun– and it was. We had a fantastic cheese fondue with some Pinot Gris, roasted garlic, basil pesto and several cheeses.

What did you talk about?

Jen: We had a long conversation about his graduate studies in the German department, his travels, family, movies, friends and old college stories that we still remembered. The conversation flowed well without awkward pauses.

Brett: Where to start... theater, football, movies (particularly Coen brothers), gender theory, body image, crazy college stories involving animals, Troy Polamalu, Virginia wine. She was versatile, which is impressive, and has a very compelling family history.

What was the most uncomfortable topic of conversation?

Brett: I never felt uncomfortable.

Jen: Nothing uncomfortable, just honest. We had a discussion involving some of his trysts and he told me he finds it a real turn-on that most of the people from abroad want to speak English in bed. 

Anything you didn't like about your date?

Brett: No. She was quick-witted and easy going.

Jen: Although he was interesting, I think he was talking at me rather than to me. Ladies, you might understand my point a little better.

Did you feel any chemistry?

Jen: For a movie buddy, perhaps, but nothing beyond that.

Brett: There was no instant magic, but she's definitely the kind of person that people should want to have in their lives. So, we'll see where it goes.

How did your date end?

Brett: We were going to have another cocktail at my joint, but it was getting late, and we both felt full and tired.

Jen: I drove him home— he had walked to the restaurant because he lives very close to downtown.

Kiss? Hug? Handshake?

Brett: A very appropriate kiss to crown a very enjoyable blind date.

Jen: Small, friendly kiss.

What actor/actress did your date remind you of?

Brett: Maybe Winona Ryder when she wears her short hair. 

Jen: He didn't remind me of any star in particular, which is not a good or a bad thing.

What would your theme song to the date be?

Jen: No idea.

Brett: Ice Cube: "Down for Whatever"

Rate the date:

Jen: 6-7

Brett: 8

Now that didn't sound too painful, did it? It may not be love, but it sounded like the well-educated duo got along well. Stay tuned for more blind dates— hopefully, on our next date, the sparks will fly.