QUESTION OF THE WEEK- Which talk radio host do you listen to?


Rolland Colella: "I like Click and Clack on NPR. I learn a lot about my car from listening to them. It's educational to me and it's something I'm interested in."


Dave Arndt: "I'm from Indianapolis, and I listen to KFAN, it's a sports talk radio station. They specialize in the [Minnesota] Vikings."


Brad Young: "Most of it's on the right side of the political spectrum, which doesn't appeal to me at all. But all of it, either left or right, it's just too extreme. It's not well-reasoned, it's an appeal to emotion and not reason, and I don't like it."


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Alex Jones is the T-Rex of political talk radio. Listen to the things he's trying to warn you about, folks! This isn't some big joke!