LETTER- Learn from the Omni subsidy

The [April 30] article "Shell Game: What the City learned from the Omni," should shock us all into awareness of the disastrous wastefulness of many city mayors and councils.

Government and business have separate goals and purposes. The personalities of politicians and business people are poles apart. Savvy business people can take a politician to the cleaners and steal their lunch before he/she is even aware.

Or, conversely, con artists who think they're good at business often start projects that are doomed. You and I pay the tab in myriad ways.

The federal government right now is speeding down that same road at 500 mph. Multiply the C'ville fiascoes by a factor of a billion; that's what we're on the hook for. In the end, it all collapses into tyranny. Americans have not experienced this since the Civil War. It could happen again.

Gregory Cox