Dominick T. Montie, trustee, to CCH Custom Home Inc., parcel in Jefferson Hills subdivision, $50,000.


Gabriel Silverman and J. Page Williams, trustees, to Robert and Grace Klonoski, 1875 Wayside Place, $554,998.

Joseph Rioff to Russell H. And Wendy K. Thatcher, unit in Walker Square condominiums, 730 Walker Square, $169,000.

Christopher J. Einolf and Ashley W. Spell to Kelly T. Myles, 808 Bolling Avenue, $255,000.

James M. Knopp and Emily F. Suski to Michael J. Massey and Patricia C. Anderson, 908 Druid Avenue, $340,000.

Lester and Patricia L. Garrison to Charlottesville Abundant Life Ministries Inc., 834 Prospect Avenue, $450,000.

Nicholas F. and Brenda S. Neofotis to Edmund F. and Kimberly A. LeClere, 1207 Lili Lane, Greenbrier, $235,000.

Emily W. Chewning to James J. Sullenberger, 413 12th Street NW, $180,000.

JPA Investors LLC to James W. and Nancy E. Bibler, condominium unit in 1800 Jefferson Park Avenue, $158,500.

Adam B. PHillsips and Heather S. PHillsips to David M. Hondula and Logan M. Riddick, 1624 Trailridge Road, $285,000.


James D. Yeatts to Humberto O. Sales and Madeline Holly, 1110 Holmes Avenue, $225,000.

Nancy L. Cravens to Dennis and Tashia Abry, 718 Franklin Street, $187,900.

Judy T. Terry, Lisa M. Morris, C.W. Morris Jr., Nathaniel Morris, and Anthony T. Morris to Samuel N. Morris, 0.083 acres at 748 Orangedale Avenue, Orangedale, $24,866.

Andrw R. and Melissa A. Batchelet to Christopher J. Gibson and Jeffrey J. Ashcraft, 125 Birdwood Court, $213,000.

NVR Inc. to James D. Cure and James R. Cure, 0.048 acres at 903 Bing Lane, Cherry Hills, Johnson Village, $298,900.

Paul S. and Ashley P. Doherty to Nathaniel Campbell, 908 Martin Street, $348,000.

Jeffrey N, Norman L. and Judith A. Jones to Alexander D. and Elaine P. Hendrick, 0.196 acres at 1434 Westwood Road, $257,000.

David C. and Debroah J. Tewskbury to James E. and Sharon A. Harrigan, 1201 Hazel Street, $530,000.

Jamie M. Ball to Cynthia E., James D., and Nancy N. Javaras, 118 Alderman Road, $520,000.


Andrew J. Jaspen and Jennifer L. Phillips to Sarah and Margaret D. Lawson, 0.179 acres at 1007 Cherry Avenue, $254,000.

Marina Ostankovitch and Marcin Iwanicki to David C. and Deborah J. Tewksbury, 1291 Kenwood Lane, Greenbrier, $289,500.

John O. Wheeler and Beverly S. Seng to Eric Vanderloo, 503 9th Street NE, $135,000.

Keith P. Whipple to Samuel R. Bond and Margaret L. Crews, 416 Dice Street, $288,00.

Big deal


Gabriel Silverman and J. Page Williams, trustees, to Robert and Grace Klonoski, 1875 Wayside Place, $554,998.