QUESTION OF THE WEEK- What can't you recycle, but would like to recycle?


Victor Balta: "Styrofoam. You never know what to do with it, but you can tell that it's not good to keep around anywhere."


Pat Hunter: "I live in Decatur, Georgia, and the advantage I have living there is that I can pretty much put anything that I can imagine in the recycling bin and put it on the street, and they pick it up once a week. I don't even have to separate it."


Lucille Payne: "You know the old flower pots, the clay pots? You can't recycle them because there's nowhere to put them. So I'm having a whole lot of trouble trying to find some help, either to get somebody to come pick them up or throw them in the trash for me."



I would like to be able to recycle the florescent light bulbs that we are now being encouraged to use.

McIntire Recycling Center began accepting flourescent light bulbs this year.

Old paint. No idea wha to do with it

Look up any hard to recycle items in Better World Betty's directory for the Charlottesvilel area.

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One simple answer burn it