LETTER- Cannon woulda been great

I am Jon Cannon's eldest brother. [April 16 cover story: "Torpedoed: Pork politics and the undoing of an Obama nominee"]

I have never known anyone with greater personal honesty, integrity, and sense of fairnes than Jon. He is dedicated to this country and to the responsible protection of our environment. He is strong in his convictions but always ready to listen to differing views. This is demonstrated by the support shown him by Senator James Inhofe.

He will strongly debate thoughts and issues but never stoop to the shoot-the-messenger mentallity of today. The rampant amorality of our elected representatives has, once again, cost the citizens of this nation one of the best and most able servents.

I am astounded, but not surprised, by the hypocrisy being shown in the approval process in Washington today.

Harry B. Cannon Jr.
Hertford, NC