Commonwealth of Virginia to 400 Preston Avenue LLC (Keith Woodard), parcel at 4th Street NW and Ridge/McIntire, $3,053,053.53.

Jenny Louise Jackson to Patti R. Yates, 1608 Rose Hills Drive, $335,000.

Leon I. and Miller M. Susen to Ronald B. and Joyce K. Root, 0.268 acres at 919 Old Farm Road, $425,000.

Robert G. and Sherry M. Archer to R.L. and Leslie D. Bradley, 0.207 acres at 1712 Cherry Avenue, $285,000.

Boaz and Eleanor Firkser to Doug and Marci Stewart, 1649 Brandywine Drive, Greenbrier, $360,800.


JPA Investments LLC to Michael J. Landau, condominium unit at 1800 Jefferson Park Avenue, $310,000.

Jason A. Oliviero to Mary K. Hardy, 1605 Cabell Avenue, $349,000.

Gaffney Homes LLC to Michael A. Gaffney, 119 Morgan Court, Huntley, $430,000.

Roy E. and Mary M. Swan to Andrew B. and Pamela J. Murray, condominium unit at 602 Cabell Avenue, $175,000.

Kimberly K. Brooks, executor, to Joseph B. Murray and Sarah S. McIvor, 617 North Avenue, $239,900.


Robert and Susanne Sigman to Brandon Wooten, 1518 Trailridge Road, Johnson Village, $258,000.

Ricky G. Gatewood to Joel S. and Kamera K. Aulie, 911 Anderson Street, $170,600.


Eric J. and Melanie B. Dobratz to Amy H. Bobrick and Neils-Axel Berthelsen, 119 Westwood Circle, $247,000.

Christopher J. Fannin and Jenny V. Fannin-Lovell to Paul J. E. Kershaw and Adrienne V. Ghaly, 200 Robertson Avenue, $402,500.

Trio Properties LLC to Martin P. Albert, Peggy A. Wright, and Kent W. Peterson et al., to Samuel D. Caughron, 611 Booker Street, Rose Hills, $130,000.

Hilton R. Lacy to Aditi and Amrisha Vaish, condominium unit in Charlottesville Towers, 511 North First Street, $189,000.

Hauser Homes LLC to David N. and Roxanne L. Thorson, 0.164 acres at 812 Village Road, Johnson Village, Cherry Hills, $488,660.

Matthew S. Mills to Oliver Danko, condominium unit at 157 Yellowstone Drive, Parkside at Eagle's Landing, $118,000.

John Pat Tran and Caroline H. Hall to Mohammed S., Ali, and Fatema Dhanaliwala, 100 Danbury Court, $178,000.

Christopher A. and Blair C. Carter to John Dat Tran and Caroline H. Trann Hall, 2522 Woodland Drive, $345,000.


Nancy Weinfield and John R. Ogawa to Kevin P. Paquette and Ruth Payne, 2415 Hillswood Place, $300,000.

David A. McDaniel to Keith M. Moores, condominium unit in 5th Street Flats, 215 5th Street SW, $222,500.

Southern Property LLC to Ira G. Schulman, 947 Raymond Road, $356,700.

Patrick B. and Morgan W. Garvey to Jorge A. and Jennifer F. Conde, 207 Huntley Avenue, $390,000.


M. Bryan and Jennifer C. Slaughter to Leon I. and Miller M. Susen, 0.353 acres at 808 Fendall Terrace, $730,000.

James N. Rounsvell and Carol A. O'Connor to Timothy D. Jana and Meredith R. Cary, 1105 Elliott Avenue, $150,000.

William Ernest and Patricia H. Shelton to William Ernest, 911 Raymond Road, gift.

Alan R. and Donna L. Swanson to M. Bryan and Jennifer C. Slaughter, 1832 Edgewood Lane, $882,500.

NVR Inc. to Debra A. Watson, 0.083 acres at 901 Bing Lane, Cherry Hills, Johnson Village, $340,299.

Big deal


Alan R. and Donna L. Swanson to M. Bryan and Jennifer C. Slaughter, 1832 Edgewood Lane, $882,500.