QUESTION OF THE WEEK- What are you reading this summer?


Emily Kaufman: "I just finished reading Running with Scissors by Augusten Burroughs. It's about the author's very dysfunctional childhood and his crazy parents."


Charles Warren: "I just read John Grisham's The Client, and I'm looking forward to reading his new one, The Associate."


John Waters: "How Terrorist Groups End, which is a book put out by the Rand Corporation, a think-tank in D.C. I've been studying the topic for a while."


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To learn more about the wickedly corrupt eugenicist-run Rand corporation and U.S. government-sponsored terrorism, go to and listen to the Alex Jones show. You can also listen on shortwave radio, the frequencies are on the website. You'd also be able to listen to him on FM or AM radio like you can in lots of other places, but some idiot named Rob Schilling seems to have stolen his time slot. What a dork!