LETTER- <i>Senior</i> had every right to exist in Arizona

I am the founder and publisher of Senior Magazine in Arizona and have spoken with Ted Richards although briefly ["Senior Magazine: Garrett mystery solved?" April 22, 2008.]

He should remember me but obviously doesn't for some reason. I placed ads in his magazine once or twice. Several advertisers bought advertising space in all Senior Magazines. Senior Magazine was licensed by Gary Suggs of San Bernadino, California, and I paid a monthly fee for my license, as did Mr. Richards.

When Gary Suggs passed away, the several licenses continued publishing on their own. Some survived and some didn't. Mr. Richards has no more legal claim to the name Senior Magazine in Arizona then I do to the name in California.

Tommy Garrett did in fact appear on the cover of Senior Magazine. Not a claim, a fact. 250,000 copies of the issue with Garrett's face were printed and distributed.

I had no knowledge of Mr. Garrett's alleged crimes at the time that I allowed his picture on the cover. Jane Pauley, Bill Clinton, Harrison Ford, Pat Summerall, Bob Newhart, Mohammed Ali, Tim Russert, Al Pacino, Sally Quinn, Clint Eastwood, and Colin Farrell amongst many others also appeared on my monthly covers.

I would be happy to answer any additional questions you might have at my personal email address.

Jeff Prager
Founder & Publisher, Senior Magazine Arizona

The Hook recently learned that Richards died last October.–editor