LETTER- New reservoir would waste water

In her letter, ["Give thanks for higher water rates," April 9], Diane LaSauce welcomes the higher price for water that she claims is "the only way to draw attention to water conservation."

Ms. LaSauce is confusing cause and effect. It has been reported in the Hook and elsewhere that calls for voluntary conservation were heeded so well that higher rates were needed to break even, according to water officials. The conservation is pushing up the price of water, not the reverse.

Yes, water is a precious resource where demand exceeds supply, but that is not the case here. Of course we should use it wisely. Area residents will be overpaying for an oversupply if both projects are undertaken to expand the Ragged Mountain Reservoir and dredge the Rivanna Reservoir, either one of which would be adequate.

Impounding too much of it wastes water by evaporation, wastes dollars, and destroys forest habitat.

J.A. Barker