QUESTION OF THE WEEK- Who would you like to see Obama name to a cabinet post?


Mike Rodi: "Michael Moore for Secretary of Interior because he's a patriot who cares a lot about the issues that Secretary of the Interior would be responsible for."


Allen Hoover: "I would have liked to see Dennis Kucinich nominated for his Department of Peace that he thought was a splendid idea when he was running for president. He got ridiculed for suggesting the creation of it."


Darnell A. Morris Sr.: "For me to go around saying who's the best person for it, I can't say. He's the president, so he should know who he wants in his cabinet. That's why he got the job."


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He got the job because he's a charismatic crook who plays ball with a ruthless global crime syndicate of offshore bankers (see "The Bilderberg Group, CFR, Trilateral Commission") who have an agenda of reducing the world's human population by at least eighty percent. If he attempts to subvert the collective will of this global mafia, he will either be openly asassinated or he will have an "unfortunate" accident like a crash of Air Force One, for example. Get it? Watch the Obama Deception for free at and listen to the Alex Jones show if you don't.