Alain A. Jourdier to Carol L. Celii, 36 Spring Court, Four Seasons, $129,695.

Charles W. Fancolini, trustee, to Karen A. Koory, 3235 Gateway Circle, Gateway Village, Forest Lakes Townhouses, $245,000.

Eric M. and Charlottte P. Franzen to Paul N. and Leslie B. Farrington, 0.269 acres at 838 Swan Ridge Road, Redfields, $327,000.

Anne H. Winn to Clausen Graham RA LLC, 85.99 acres at 3499 Burnley Station Road, Barboursville, $625,000.

James T. and Sarah C. Cargile to Alec and Leslie R. Cargile, 15.24 acres at 2212 Harrington Road, Gordonsville, $40,000.

Yvette J. Okros to Yvette E. Chanut, unit in Turtle Creek condominiums, gift.

US Bank National Association, trustee, to Vanessa A. Camperlengo, 2.067 acres at 2160 Brown's Lane, Totier Creek, Scottsville, $60,000.

Charlotte F. Burns to Charlotte f. and William R. Burns Jr., 2.076 acres at 3165 Beaumont Farm Road, Beaumont Farm, gift.

Linda H. Wilson to Michael O. and Kathleen K. Barrett, 10.0 acres at 3135 Watts Passage, Sunshine Farm, State Route 600, $810,000.

John D. and Demmie C. Maine to John E. and Kathleen Gruss, 7.57 acres, $215,000.

Stephen L. Levine to Nature Conservancy, 154.5 acres near Proffit, gift.

Mary P. Jones Haffner, trustee, to Ann H. and Jack W. Sanford Jr., 60.87 acres on State Route 654, 1319 Ingleridge Farm, Ingleridge, $1,327,361.

John A. and Kathleen A. Zenker to Sarah F. Carrington and Taylor H. Hathaway, 0.279 acres at 1178 River Chase Ridge, River Chase of Dunlora, $459,700.

Harry Shannon to Robert J. and Elizabeth Collins, 47.67 acres at 9331 Old Turnpike Road, $2,800,000.


Southern Property LLC to Jason R. and Elizabeth K. Dugas, 0.048 acres at 2154 Saranac Court, the Pavilions at Pantops, $300,300.

Marilyn and Adam Horvit to Max A. and Monica Luna, 0.793 acres at 780 Lenox Hill Road, Foxchase, $865,000.

Amy E. Ball to Jonathan D. Ball, 4.5 acres at 2595 Andrew Lane, Lewis Hill, $320,350.

Sycamore Creek LLC to Timothy M. Montgomery, 21 acres in South Fork Farms, $490,000.

Brenda M. and Curtis M. Carlisle to Henry A. and Mary Ann Thiess, 2.0 acres at 1605 Old Ballard Road, Owensville, $850,000.

David L. Swales to David T. and Kathleen M. Larrabee, 1.077 acres at 1726 Downing Court, Glenmore, Keswick, $854,000.


Christopher M. and Lisa A. Bowen to Randall J. and Elizabeth Brogan, 0.257 acres at 1526 Jarman Lake Road, Grayrock, Crozet, $310,000.

Eric G. and Janet L. Shobe to Handley Farm Development Corp., 12 lots at Handley Farm Estates, $3,300,000.

Big Deal


David L. Swales to David T. and Kathleen M. Larrabee, 1.077 acres at 1726 Downing Court, Glenmore, Keswick, $854,000.


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OK, I've noticed this several times now. The "Big Deals" are not the biggest deals. In this case, the "Big Deal" is less than four other transactions. Three of which are considerably higher.

What is the criteria for the "Big Deals?"