QUESTION OF THE WEEK- Do you have a carbon monoxide detector?


Claudia Duncan: "No, our home didn't come with one, but it's new construction so I don't think we have to worry about leaks."


Gary Brown: "No, we do not. I had no idea we needed one. Smoke detector, yes, but carbon dioxide, no."


Eric Mothanter: "Honestly, I have no idea. I assume we do. I hope our landlord's keeping us safe."



At my work, we encourage anyone with a source of combustion fuel to get one. This includes gas or oil furnaces, gas hot water heaters, wood/pellet stoves, fireplaces. Any of these can emit dangerous levels, even if they are working fine, but the outlet flue gets blocked by leaves,squirrel's nest etc. I have one, and it went off when my older furnace developed a leak in the heat exchanger. A CO detector is different from a smoke alarm.

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