LETTER- Tenant has the right to shower alone

I enjoyed your article ["The Tough Customer- Open door policy: Towel-clad woman traumatized," March 26]

This was good to learn, and I will never let Associated Brokers Realty manage any of my properties. I would never give a key to a tenant's dwelling that I would not give to my own house, and I would never give the key without first asking the tenant's position. I would never put in a lease that I could give the key to outside contractors without the tenant's permission.

For Ms. Matavelli, I would advise using a door chain if she has one and request one be installed if she doesn't have one (and it is allowed by the lease).

There is no reason a landlord or their agent should be able to gain access to a dwelling when the tenant is there. The tenant can let them in when they are dressed, etc. If the tenant isn't there, the chain won't be hooked, and the landlord can gain access if necessary.

It is shame that some landlords and agents make the use of the door chain necessary.

In general, the tenant is paying for the undisturbed use of the dwelling, and common courtesy applies. If you can't contact the tenant in advance, you shouldn't show up. I try to treat people as they would like to be treated. Ms. Matavelli certainly wasn't happy with the way she was treated, and I wouldn't be either.

Downing Smith