LETTER- Give thanks for higher water rates

As a long-time resident of Albemarle County, I am delighted that water prices are rising. ["County to sell less water, hike rates 12+%," online March 19; print March 26]

Finally, people residing here will realize that water is a precious, non-renewable resource. The only way to draw attention to water conservation is to "tap" consumers in their pockets. With rising population here, water is a finite resource, and it must be respected for all to share.

Diane LaSauce
Free Union



non-renewable resource????

What about rain?

If the RWSA has their way and builds their 112'dam and up-hill pipeline for $200 million you will be able to be a complete water hog and not have to conserve an ounce--but to pay for their ocean of water your rates will go a lot higher than 12%. Remember the more you conserve the higher your rates --it has nothing to do with preserving a valuable resource it's all about RWSA paying their bills

I have to disagree with the letter writer. Raising the price for people who conserved just shows everyone that it makes little difference to their pocketbooks whether they conserve of not. Saving money would have been a great incentive to conserve. The message that has been sent now is that conservations is largely pointless.

I put a quarter under my pillow each night to pay the well fairy to fill my well with water.

I put $3.00 under my pillow each night.

At the end of the month I take it all out and pay my city water bill.

From October to April I have to toss in another $5.00 to $8.00 each night to pay the city for gas heat.

I was born and raised there and i left about the time this lady arrived. I had no idea they had public water in Free Union.But let me just guess. This women came down here with big money otherwise she wouldn't be in Free Union. Any hike in fees wouldn't hurt her lifestyle in the least. If she even would get a rate hike. How about cutting salaries on the boards and directors that run these operations. I feel it's a shame that you have to be a mega millionaire to live in Albemarle County and have some privacy. All the "planners" want to cram everybody together. They'd rather have them next door to each other then have huge common areas. How about going back to 2 acre division rights and having people process their own waste instead of pumping it to sespools next to rivers!