LETTER- Slutzky has earned his rebuke

David Slutzky deserves the ire of his constituents for trying to raise taxes during a recession. ["Supervise this! Shop owner displays anti-Slutzky sign," online March 25; print March 26]

As a small businessman in Albemarle County, I can tell you that the property assessment on our building went up this year while the actual value declined!

Everyone knows that business revenues are down to the point that many businesses are closing in Albemarle County. To raise taxes on businesses or property owners during this recession is absolutely wrong-headed, and David Slutzky and the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors ought to be ashamed of themselves for putting yet one more burden on struggling businesses and taxpayers.

Kudos to businessman Tom Shaw for fighting back. After all, it's his taxes that have been raised, and Mr. Slutzky is the Chairman of the Board that raised those taxes in this trying time.

Randolph Byrd