LETTER- Top Ten uses for Halsey's Landmark hotel

It's been lately to the point of becoming hackneyed that crisis is a chance for opportunity; case in point being the Landmark hotel [March 12 news, "Hotel default: Bank sues Minor over Landmark loan,"]. The following are our top ten uses for the empty building. 

10. Just ignore it.

9. Give it to UVA and Martha Jefferson Hospital so they can duplicate more expensive health services.

8. Don't ask the City Council or the Planning Commission what to do with it.

7. Ask Coran Capshaw what to do with it.

6. Lease it to the botanical garden group, The Landmark Hanging Gardens could be created.

5. Give it to the homeless for do-it-yourself SRO housing. They can get the material from other stalled construction projects. 

4. Make it a haunted house for Halloween.

3. Lease it to the YMCA.

2. Make a glassed studio for Rob Shilling so the City Councilor could see him when they walk down the Mall for lunch.

1. Hang Halsey Minor and Lee Danielson in effigy for all to see.

Peter Generelly