LETTER- Govt. goons would love Neanderthals

I enjoyed Ronald Bailey's [March 5] essay, "Neanderthal rights: Payback for our ancestors' genocide of them?"

He informs us, raises questions, and finally hits us with his comedic conclusion that we consider cloning these distant relatives, dodging ethical issues and "bring them back into our world." Wow, would they be astonished, probably shocked!

Bailey's ending surprises us, as he knows that surprise is one of the hallmarks of comedy. However, Bailey needs to be careful– some demented scientist just might think he's serious and take him up on the ludicrous scheme. A multinational corporation could easily get a scientist for hire to do it and no doubt make billions. After all, most of these corporations have little problem with morality or ethics.

Or the US government could seize upon this. It could help pay off the national debt, or the Neanderthals could be made to fight our endless wars. Great ideas, since the crooks, idiots, and crooked idiots in government also are not hindered by moral concerns.

We all need a good laugh in these tough times. Thanks, Bailey.

J.C. Rotunda