LETTER- Checkpoints work regardless of arrests

I consider the Hook to be the best weekly in Charlottesville. I like your thoughtful and forward-looking reporting and editorial policy (not to mention your excellent movie reviews). Therefore I was surprised and disappointed to read in "4Better or Worse" in the January 8 issue:

"Most dubious use of tax dollars: Albemarle County police stop 545 cars during a four-hour DUI checkpoint New Year's Eve and net two– count 'em– two drunkg driving arrests..."

The chief function of DUI checkpoints is not to catch drunk drivers but to discourage other drivers from driving under the influence. There is considerable evidence that DUI checkpoints serve this function.

You should have commended the Albemarle County Police for making the roads safer for us all.

Mark H. Mullin


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Arbitrarily stopping everyone and treating them as guilty until proven innocent is not what America is about.

The ends don't justify the means IMO.