Skylar Group LLC to JCFS Properties LLC, condominium unit in the Eastern Ridge office complex, $335,000.

Wittstadt Title and Escrow Co LLC to JP Morgan Mortgage Acquisition Corp., condominium unit 120-132 at Parkside at Eagle's Landing, $249,900.

Gordon Bruce and Margarida Stewart to Jeffrey H. McCormack and Patricia B. Wallens, 2.005 acres at 1792 Franklin Drive, Franklin subdivision, $384,000.

Roderick H. Beitzel to Emerald Spring LLC, parcel in Crozet, $198,300.

Wilberger Properties Inc. to John F. and Margaret M. O'Bryant, 1562 Pantops Mountain Place, the Cottages at Jefferson Heights Condominiums, $575,000. 

Phillipa R. Faulconer, trustee, to Kimco LC, 490 acres, $2,410,900.

Julia M. Thomas to Stephen D. Cook, 1.38 acres at 693 Country Green Road, State Route 631, $207,500.


Thomas S. and Bonnie Barnes to Raymond D. and Susan B. Ward, 1035 Weybridge Court, Carriage Hill Condominiums, $146,000.

Jodie E. and Robert G. Finney Jr. to Kenneth N. and Arlene R. Buynak, 0.078 acres at 4713 Bluejay Way, Briarwood, $116,000.

Wayne E. Williams to Mikhail M. and Irina E. Levit, 0.453 acres at 3052 Chimney Ridge Road, Forest Lakes South, $389,000. 

Church Hill Development Co. LLC to Katrina N. Lindholm, 0.034 acres at 350 Marquette Court, Westhall, Crozet, $160,000.

Paul S. Ferlan and Rebecca Ewing to Mirtill Magyar, 722 Merion Greene, RiverRun, $189,000.


Lu Loraine Wood to C. Ray Beard, 2073 Cypress Drive, Briarwood, $166,700.

Holly Dilatush-Guthrie and Warren A. Guthrie to Susan Jean Haney, 2.788 acres on the east side of State Route 20, 5539 Stony Point Road, Holly Hill, $130,000.

March Mountain Properties LLC to Gaylon T. Beights, $300,000.

March Mountain Properties LLC to JaZan LLC, parcel in Old Trail Village Center, $300,000.

Samuel I. White, trustee, to HSBC Bank USA, trustee, condominium unit at Parkside at Eagle's Landing, $249,900.

Ollie B. and Barbara A. Herring to Barbara A. Herring, 2.45 acres at 2853 Martin King's Road, Scottsville, no price given. 


Albemarle Hotel LLC to TAP Investments LLC, 1.27 acres portion of Parcel 9, $1,300,000.

NVR Inc. to Richard Palermo, 0.099 acres at 353 Rolkin Road, the Pavilions at Pantops, $261,865.

Paul S. Bliley, trustee, to Union Bank and Trust Co., lot 38 at Ballard Field, Old Trail, $1,520,000.

Church Hill Development LLC to Union Bank and Trust Co. and James A. Rotherham and Beverly B. Thierweehter, 0.1960 acres at 5029 Brook View Road, $1,520,000


Thomas B. Hicks to Betty C. and Clarence L. Sharp, 10.5 acres in Scottsville Magisterial District, no price given.

Nelson R. and Lillian Y. Davis to Steward N. Barrell, 0.25 acres at 6038 Railroad Avenue, Crozet, $130,477.

Helen H. Bond to John S. and Dawn M. Cleveland, 0.93 acres at 2435 Kimbrough Circle, Meriwether Hill, $400,000.

Bruce N. and Phyllis Arena to John L. and Kristin C. Mitchell, 0.381 acres at 1570 Heathrow Lane, Keswick, $660,000.

McLaws Development LLC to Keith A. Skinner and Ginger P. Germani, 0.242 acres at 5235 Brook View Road, Ballard Field, Old Trail, Crozet, gift.


Robert D. Smith to GMAC Global Relocation Services, 2441 Holkham Drive, Lewis Hill, $815,850.

GMAC Global Relocation Services to John A. Compton, 2441 Holkham Drive, Lewis Hill, $505,700. 

Craig Enterprises Inc. to Stephen D. and Jennifer Turner, 0.273 acres at 5244 Park Ridge Court, Western Ridge Crozet, $438,857.

Timothy C. Arey to James M. and Patricia Diane Garth, 5.523 acres at 1799 Woods Gap Road, Calf Mountain, Afton, no price given. 

Jeanne H. Ford to Noland M. Silman, 0.093 acres at 60 Court Place, Georgetown Court, $199,900.

Lisa Jane Kohr to Amy N. Mikeska and Chris Edwards, 2.12 acres at 3225 President's Road, Scottsville, $178,000.

Macatawa Bank, trustee, to Lois C. McKenzie, trustee, 1120 Courtyard Drive, Redfields, $302,000.

David M. Ryan to Eleanore F. Walker, trustee, 382 Grayrock Drive, Grayrock, Crozet, $462,700.

Eleanore F. Walker, trustee, to Christopher C. Neu, 382 Grayrock Drive, Grayrock, Crozet, $462,700.

Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas, trustee, to Roger W. Mitchell Jr., 0.5 acres near Cross Roads Store, $85,500.


Adrienne E. and Gordon E. Keller to Michael N. and Nicole Seckeler, 0.059 acres at 1016 Towne Lane, Village Square, $195,000.

Jason and Meredith E. Woodfin to Johann F. and Carey M. Reinicke, 0.346 acres at 1605 Reynovia Drive, Lake Reynovia, $244,000.

Sycamore Creek LLC to John M. Hart Jr., 21.73 acres in South Fork Farms, $500,000.

Loraine K. Green to Paul N. and Cynthia Mott, 4.293 acres at 1018 Taylor's Gap Road, $815,000.

Felicia W. Rogan, trustee, to John A. and Amy M. Griffin, 83.721 acres at 1376 and 1450 Oakencroft Lane, $9,000,000.

Robert D. and Molly Goodwin Hardie to Felicia W. Rogan, 3.113 acres at 630 Ivy Lane, Farmington, $4,900,000.

Ed Akeel, trustee, to Mark D. and Nancy R. Howard, 0.131 acres at 3143 Turnberry Circle, Springridge, Forest Lakes, $326,900. 

Pavilion at River Bend LLC to Anna T. Lane, 3.276 acres, $295,000. 

Susan L. Byrd to Cara L. Eisenberg, 37.41 acres at 10960 Howardsville Turnpike, Westcote, $850,000.

Jonathan L. Gilliland to L. White Matthews III, 21.423 acres at 3652 Ironwood Lane, Old Spring Hill, $2,450,000.

Charles T. Frye to Erik K. Hornberger and Jenny E. Ackroyd, 1.096 acres on State Route 680, $100,000.

Big Deal:


Robert D. and Molly Goodwin Hardie to Felicia W. Rogan, 3.113 acres at 630 Ivy Lane, Farmington, $4,900,000.