LETTER- Give calamari man his due

Like many diners around town, I've been a fan of Adam Beckel's cooking for a long time. From his work at the Clifton Inn, to Fellini's, to Hamilton's, and now Zynedoa, he has cooked some of Charlottesville's more memorable meals.

I'm therefore disappointed to see the Hook feature Fellini's calamari dish [February 5, Kitchen Confidential:"Kitchen Confidential: Chris Humphreys, Fellini's #9"] without giving credit to its originator. Beckel brought the featured calamari with him to Fellini's in 2005, and though he's been gone from the restaurant two years, they've continued to serve the dish. (You can't blame them; it's a great dish.)

But I'd ask that proper credit be given where credit is due.

Andrew Ewell