QUESTION OF THE WEEK- What's your favorite thing on Route 29?


Charli McGhee: "Timberwood Grill, because they make great bloody marys."


Mike Yorg: "I go to Barracks Road a lot, especially Barnes & Noble and Blue Ridge Mountain Sports."


Sam Mays: "I go to the Salvation Army thrift store on Airport Road a lot."



El Puerto Mexican Restaurant, best Mexican food in town

The Chinese buffet, China King I think it is.

And the Greene County line. ;)

Gosh, lots of faves. Number one must be fantasizing I am in Mexico City as I watch the pedestrians at Greenbrier Drive and Route 29. Number two is yelling "Nice job, retard" at drivers involved in rear-end collisions in the turn lanes. Third is the post office...they do such great work at such low prices.

Finally, I love the bums begging for money on the medians! Can't some of Albie's finest administer some hickory shampoos on these stinkers?