LETTER- Hooray for Ted Rall

Congratulations for publishing "Dour Prez: Why Obama is Scarier Than W," Ted Rall's Essay in the [January 29] issue of the Hook. Rall is outspoken, truthful, and courageous, seeing through the slick deception of Obama's rhetoric.

Obama is a conservative dressed in liberals' clothes. He has filled his Cabinet and advisory positions with hawks and spineless, greedy conservative ilk, little different from those we've had for the past eight years.

Obama's economic advisors, who are supposed to help solve our problems, are the same slimy bunch that has contributed to the problem. It's no wonder Obama and his cronies have accepted enormous amounts of Wall Street and corporate money– and now its payback time. Its politics as usual.

Obama thinks spying on American citizens is fine and has vowed to continue our immoral wars. Change we can believe? I don't think so. There'll be some minor changes but not the essential change needed to put the US on the right track.

The gullible majority American citizenry has been hoodwinked again. The only way to make your dreams come true is to wake up. We are in for a very difficult time ahead, one that calls for exceptional leadership and the dedication of each one of us. Right now we have neither.

Thank you Ted Rall– I'm with ya.

J.C. Rotunda