CORRECTIONS- Wrong agent name, wrong Fellini's details, wrong channel, missing names

• Last week's "On the Block" real estate review, "Sign of the times: Rent or own '50s era cottage," gave the wrong last name for the agent. The agent for the property is Lawrence Howard.

• Last week's restaurant review, "Bloody good: But the bar has issues," referred to a baby grand piano at Fellini's, but the instrument is an upright piano. Also, the reference to Neil Young should have been Neil Diamond.

• Former Sheriff Ed Robb's exploits as an undercover FBI agent aired on the Investigation Discovery Channel, not the Discovery Channel as noted in last week's "4Better or Worse."

•We failed to identify the glowing bride and bridegroom on the cover of last week's wedding insert: they are Amanda Svetz Wainscott and Robert Livingston Wainscott.