WEDDING- Behind the shots: Weird, wild, wonderful wedding moments

From sleepy ringbearers to monkey-like groomsmen, these pics show that weddings can be even more fun when spontaneity reigns.

Aaron Watson, Aaron Watson Photography

"The ring-bearer had completed his lone task (or so he thought) of walking the rings down the aisle and therefore decided it would be alright to reward himself with a little nap," says Watson, who discovered the sleeping boy on the alter steps about 15 minutes into the ceremony.

 "Apparently, no one told him he was supposed to walk out with the bridal party as well," Watson recalls.

The impromptu nap prompted laughter from the wedding party and audience, and after an additional 30 minutes of snoozing, the ring-bearer was finally carried out behind the wedding party as apparently, says Watson, "nothing could wake him."

Jen Fariello, Jen Fariello Photography

The reception was already heating up when this groom, donning his tie as a headband, took to the stage for AC/DC's "You Shook Me All Night Long." Not to be outdone, his bride joined in, and the two shook the reception all night long. 

"Everyone was cheering," says Fariello.

Billy Hunt, Billy Hunt Photography

No bride wants to jinx her big day by allowing her groom to glimpse her before the anointed hour. This bride averted such a disaster, says Hunt, by wielding her bouquet as a face-blocking device when she spotted her husband-to-be peering through a window minutes before the ceremony, cracking her mother up in the process.

Jason Keefer, Jason Keefer Photography

A stately walk turned silly when this bride and groom got in the groove and started "struttin' their stuff," says Keefer.

Sarah Cramer, Sarah Cramer Photography

With the formal event behind them but pictures still to come, this bridal party couldn't wait for the reception to get the party started. Passing a 7-Eleven store en route to the reception, the bus made an emergency stop for some brews, and then kept on rollin'.

Will Walker, William Walker Photography

When a palm tree calls, says Will Walker, sometimes groomsmen answer... 'nuff said.