Mark H. and Melissa A. Berry to Jamie L. Woodson and Timothy Shane Cheek, 2.005 acres on State Route 663, 6968 Virginia Ridge Road, Dyke, $169,000. 

Kevin J. and Kathy L. Kerrigan to Isa M. Hussaini, 0.3620 acres at 1126 Olympia Drive, Fontana, $515,000.

Bernadine A. Kennison to Harry R. and Bernadine A. Kennison, 0.4250 acres at 1193 Fox Horn Court, Foxcroft, gift.

Wilson Lee Steppe and Jean M. Morris to Maynard N. and Cynthia Swarey, 3.363 acres at 5558 Brown's Gap Turnpike, $85,000.

Mark M. and Amanda F. Shore to Noelle C. and Joseph W. Chasse II, 106 Bollingbrook Drive, Key West, $325,000.

Blair Turner & Company LLC to Jason A. and Amy L. Vigilante, 5.036 acres at 2930 Morgantown Road, Wendy Moor subdivision, $1,200,000.

Church Hill Development Co. LLC to Ronald L. Smullen, 0.045 acres at 348 Marquette Court, Westhall, $190,000. 

Mark E. and Leslie P. Haskins to Steven T. and Beverly N. Dekosky, 10.4 acres at 3600 Raleigh Mountain Trail, Colston, $1,270,000.

Richard R. Kreitler, trustee, to Good Promise LLC, 0.244 acres at 1131 Marion Drive, Ednam, $950,000.

Phillip R. and Doris G. Lackey to Duffy N. Pappas, 119 Blueberry Road, Cedar Hills, $390,000.

Bruce F. and Brigid Z. Flohr to Sandeep S. Teja, 22.190 acres at 720 Ingleside Lane, Ingleside, $1,575,000.

Ronald L. and Shirley E. Lewis, executors, to Michael J. and Marcy H. Lenox, 2.0 acres at 1473 Old Ballard Road, $300,000.


March Mountain Properties LLC to Beights Properties I LLC, 7.917 acres at 6162 Rockfish Gap Turnpike, Old Trail, $880,000.

KG Associates Ltd. to Keith A. Crawford and Laura S. Jelks, 0.294 acres at 3374 Turnberry Circle, Springridge at Forest Lakes, $617,391.

Donna M. Roberts to Richard A. and Donna M. R. Mullikin, 0.423 acres at 1781 Shelbourn Lane, Glenmore, Keswick, no price given.

Highlands West LP to Craig Enterprises Inc., lot at West End, Western Ridge, $135,000.

Compania Lubar SA to Ton N. Dinh, 0.749 acres at 654 Rio Road West, $380,000.

Redlands LLC to James C. and Amy Maurer, 3.114 acres at 4912 Farrier's Court, Ragged Mountain Farm, $1,775,000.

Barry Meade Homes LLC to Jeffrey T. and Kimberly S. Maples, 0.167 acres at 1141 Arden Drive, Avon Park, $400,000.

Fannie Mae to Jessica L. and Denise S. Wingfield, 2.002 acres at 6427 Jefferson Mill Road, Scottsville, $134,500.

Donnie R. Dunn to George R. and Emily K. Basset, 5.10 acres on State Route 601, Free Union, $115,000.

Imperial Oil Co. to Tiverton Farm II LLC, parcel, $3,000,000.


Charles E. and Melody D. Swartz to Elizabeth A. and Harry Roebuck III, 0.154 acres at 356 Minor Ridge Road, Wynridge, $229,000.

Robin Rodriguez to Jacob M. Blom and Barbara Toohill, 11.70 acres at 5540 Laurel Ridge Road, Ruckersville, $670,000.

Joyce M. Snyder and Warren A. Trent to Terri T. and Roberto Salazar, 0.319 acres at 327 Pleasant Place, Forest Lakes South, $274,480.

George H. McCauley, ex., to Damian N. Leiby, 2.0 acres at 3118 Rolling Road, Scottsville, $95,000.

NVR Inc. to Chunwei and Jing Wu, 0.041 acres at 357 Rolkin Road, the Pavilions at Pantops, $257,863.

Erik T. Hord and Corrine A. and Steve R. Taylor to Cade A. and Karen Lemcke, 0.437 acres at 845 King William Drive, Mosby's Reach, Dunlora, $585,000.

Claim Partners GP to Beagle Air LLC, unit in Foxtrot One Hangars condominium, 100 Bowen Loop, $34,000.


Ebony R. Lincoln to Eleanore F. Walker, trustee, condominium unit in Avon Park, $248,600.

Professional Foreclosure Corp. to National Mortgage Association, lot in Woodbrook, $311,800.

John P. Haden to Pine Lake Lodge LLC, 16.2 acres at 1322 Pounding Creek Road, no price given.


Katherine R. and Robert M. Olton to Stephen S. and Clarissa Street, 2.0 acres at 1939 Catlin Road, no price given.


Robert J. Taylor to Greater Charlottesville Habitat for Humanity, parcel in Earlysville Forest, $66,700.

Wendy W. Barrett to Neal R. Deputy and Kathrine A. Ross, 2.0040 acres at 3653 Gilbert Station Road, Barboursville, $300,000.


Wittstadt Title & Escrow Co. LLC, trustee, to J.P. Morgan Mortgage Acquisition Corp., condominium unit 122-107 at Parkside at Eagle's Landing, $249,900.

Terry M. and Sharon N. Tate to Sharon N. Tate, 5.0 acres at 886 Raccoon Ridge Road, Scottsville, gift. 

Colin J. Dougherty to Charles G. and Ann H. Thacher, 19.736 acres at Buttenwood, 5333 Louisa Road, Keswick, $2,500,000.

Big Deal:


Colin J. Dougherty to Charles G. and Ann H. Thacher, 19.736 acres at Buttenwood, 5333 Louisa Road, Keswick, $2,500,000.