Elizabeth Fox and Jenaro Cardona-Fox to Julia E. Connelly, condominium unit in Belmont Lofts, 202 Douglas Avenue, $204,000.

Jill T. Rinehart to Thomas Pinckney III and Amy McFadden, three lots at 1861 Westview Road, $1,000,000.

JPA Investors LLC to Aaron S. Hill, condominium unit in 1800 Jefferson Park Avenue, $214,900. 

Sarah C. Flurry to Donna C. Sewell and Nina L. Green, 722 Shamrock Road, Johnson Village, $315,500.

Jason Coleman and Maria Morshuis to Jesse G. Luckett and Corinne T. Cayce, 1101 Page Street, $252,500.

Charles William Hurt and Shirley Fisher to Dominick T. Montie, trustee, lot in Jefferson Hills, $10,000.

Andrew and Kara McPhee Watson to Jessica G. and Jonathan S. Chapin, 800 Monticello Avenue, $346,000.


JPA Investors LLC to Jakob Harmon, condominium unit in 1800 Jefferson Park Avenue, $159,900.

Enrique O. and Mirta R. Herrera to Hillary S. Maitland and Richard R. Eidle, 110 Waterbury Court, $193,000.

David A. and Stephanie W. Robinson to Kathleen Dordy, condominium unit in Fifth Street Flats, 215 Fifth Street SW, $220,000.

Carriage Gate LLC to Eric D. and Sandra M. Brunson, condominium unit at 106 Melbourne Park Circle, $295,000.

Marcelle Morel, executor, to James F. and Megan S. Bleakley, 911 Druid Avenue, $225,000.

Phyllis H. Steger to Edward F. and Delores L. Curley, 2501 Woodland Drive, $400,000.


Nicholas O. Graham to Prudential Relocation Inc., condominium unit 3, Melbourne Park condominiums, $263,000.

Craig Enterprises Inc. to William D. Craig, condominium unit in Brookwood, 943 Raymond Road, $315,000.

Selinger Homes Inc. to Warren L. Spiller, 0.038 acres at 355 Quarry Road, Belmont, $299,000.

Derek J. and Sarah E. Williams to Christopher D. and Sarah S. Shedd, 605 Beechwood Drive, $246,900.


Leonard G. Holmes, trustee, to James M. and Cynthia T. McMurtry, 238 Stribling Avenue, $280,000.

Luis F. Barroso II to Charles W. Slusher, 104 Greenwich Court, $200,000.

NVR Inc. to Stephen and Diane Jacques, 927 Bing Lane, Cherry Hills, $228,800.

Patrick Moon and Associates LLC to Grove Street Properties LLC, parcel at Grove and King Streets, $275,000.

Tamara C. Murray, executor, and Ruby Raines Curnish to Tamara C. Murray, 653 Preston Place, no price given.

Jane McC. Collins, executor, to Steven J. Fuss, 117 Monte Vista Avenue, $208,000.

Belmont Residences LLC to Christopher C. Broom and Candace W. Burton, 1012 D. Druid Avenue, $489,500.

Unida T. Niven and Nancy N. Davis to Ibne Ali, 1403 Forest Ridge Road, $225,500.


Andrew and Rhonda Accardo to Andrew and Kara Watson, 717 Montrose Avenue, $378,000.

Selinger Homes Inc. to Kenya C. Lee, 371 Quarry Road, $270,000.

Adam R. Daniel to Charles R. Barzun, 509 8th Street NE, $320,000.

Ada M. Jones to Phillip and Tammy Hryczaniuk, 516 Rougemont Avenue, Jordan subdivision, $110,000.

Josh Cornwell and Piedmont Housing Alliance to Josh and Kristin A. Cornwell, 0.80 acres at 301 10th Street NW, no price given.

Robert D. and Judith Ann Barrick to Mary Louise Barrick, 1822 Meadowbrook Heights Road, $360,000.

Harris Bukvic to Jeremy Wise Taylor, 800 Ridge Street, $166,000.

Jeanne O. and Robert A. Cox III to Charles P. and Lynn M. Mills, parcel on Altamont Circle, $925,000.

NVR Inc. to Nanette M. Keenan, 933 Bing Lane, Cherry Hills, $343,800.

Lindentown Lofts LLC to Hilary Steinitz and Christopher Jackson, condominium unit in Lindentown Lofts, 1013 Linden Avenue, $275,900.


Southern Development Group Inc. to Southern Property LLC, lot in Carter's View, $106,000.

Mary Ann Hamrick to Mark E. and Sharon L. Larson, 1000 Park Street, $275,000.James E. Douele to Meredith McKown, 1225 RiverVista Avenue, $238,000.

Anthony Lee and Holly Childress to Patrick T. and Meghan W. Keith-Hynes, trustees, 604 Belmont Avenue, $153,000.

Chad S. Freckmann and Jacqueline S. Taylor to Jeffrey S. Herrin and Chike Lam, 104 Northwood Circle, $442,500.

Michael and Karen Chase-Levenson to Karen Chase-Levenson, 1411 Rugby Road, no price given.


David A. and Leslie Takahashi-Morris to Michael H. Chase-Levenson, 1616 Greenleaf Lane, $302,500.

Terrence D. Lerch to Windfall Real Estate LLC, condominium unit in Wertland Commons, Wertland Street, $142,000.

Church Hill Development LLC to Matthew J. Thomas and Shannon L. Mabry, 101 Baylor Place, Carter's View, $370,000.


Southern Development Group Inc. to Winn Homes LLC, two lots in Carter's View, $220,000.

Dennis Woodriff and Mary Ann Parr to Kirk D. and Nancy G. Brown, 1708 Jefferson Park Avenue, $685,000.

Dale C. Hamilton to Josh E. Bowers and Molly K. McShane, 633 Evergreen Avenue, $520,000.


NVR Inc. to Biju Panicker and Ashwati Ramchandran Nayar, 935 Bing Lane, Cherry Hills, $355,200.

Big Deal:


Jill T. Rinehart to Thomas Pinckney III and Amy McFadden, three lots at 1861 Westview Road, $1,000,000.