LETTER- Dad deserved better

As the daughter of Mr. James Wyatt who was robbed [December 25 news: "Home invasion: Man tells of terror on Cleveland Ave."], I would like to add that this man worked as a volunteer for the Obama campaign and drew a picture of Obama that 800 copies have been given out.

He has maintained a garden at his house that has had thousands of flowers. Local children often ask him why he goes to the trouble, and he says to spread beauty.

He has never hurt anyone and has only tried to help others. He should not have been treated this way, and if the person is caught, he will probably try to find him a job.

I hope others will learn to lock up and protect yourself; and, hopefully, no guns or bloodshed will happen. A kind older man should not have to be afraid in his own home. I hope Charlottesville and America can raise better young men and our economy recovers quickly.

Madeline Luce


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I'm very glad that he's okay! He sounds like a very nice man.