REAL ESTATE- ON THE BLOCK-Unpack your Hammock: Key West in Charlottesville


Address: 200 George Rogers Rd.

Neighborhood: Key West in Albemarle

Asking: $499,000

Assessment: $460,700

Year Built: 1989

Size: 2,838 fin Sq. ft. / 529 unfin. Sq. ft.

Land: 4.9 acres

Agent: Anita Dunbar, Montague, Miller & Co., (434) 951-7135

Curb Appeal: 8 out of 10

Tucked in off of Route 20 near Pantops, Charlottesville's Key West has little in common with the Floridian island that shares its name. More evocative of tennis and woodland ponds than ocean breezes and lime pie, Cville's Key West is named for Martin Key, the European who originally settled the area. 

Much has changed since King George II granted the land to Mr. Key. The current subdivision was developed in the 1960s by Bernard Schwab of Alcova Associates, Inc. and has since swelled to include approximately 205 families grouped around the Key West Club. With community fees of just $25/year and optional club membership starting at $180 for singles, Key West may be the kindler, gentler Farmington (without golf, alas).

Within this suburban haven is 200 George Rogers Road, a modern farmhouse-style residence on nearly five acres. Yup, five acres!

With woods, a stream, a fenced-in dog run, five bedrooms and a two-car garage, this house was built with family in mind.

The house is fronted by a wraparound porch complete with swing, although the latter would be better facing out towards the woods, instead of hanging perpendicular to the front door. A platform deck out back leads into a large eat-in kitchen that has dark wooden cupboards, shiny stainless steel appliances, and floor-to-ceiling bay windows.

Despite being built in 1989, this house seems to have avoided the deadly 80s vibe. In fact, the only design equivalent of slouch socks are the formica countertops in the kitchen and on the wet bar. But even these are a functional, unobtrusive cream color that doesn't scream: renovate me!

Clearly, by 1989, builders were alerted to the advantages of the master bedroom; and this one— 17'8" x 19'4"— is bigger than some studio apartments. The master bedroom comfortably situates a coffee table and couch against the bay windows in addition to the heavy bedroom furniture. Then there's the walk-in closet and adjacent master bath, complete with Jacuzzi tub and his-n-hers sinks. The disadvantage to the master bedroom is that it's clustered on the top floor with the other four bedrooms, which subtract some privacy. 

The other bedrooms, while considerably smaller, are comfortable, with wooded views and soft carpeting. The rest of the house is floored in hardwood oak (for the foyer, staircase, and the kitchen) and in sisal carpeting for the downstairs living spaces (the office, dining room and den). The neutral basket weave of sisal is an unexpected touch. Modern and low-maintenance, it's perfect for the kids and dogs.

With all this space, the property does have one subdivision right. But if it were mine, I'd be tempted to leave the property just as it is. Even with five acres, three neighboring houses are visible through the now-leafless trees. Adding a fourth? No thanks. If I can't have an ocean view, at least let me sip my mojito in peace.


There's an open house from 2-pm on Sunday, January 18.




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