CORRECTION- No transcript for polygraph, nor a specific 'dirty cop'

The January 8 cover story bore the headline, "Getting away with murder?: Former cop claims police nearly let Staunton's most infamous killer go free to protect their own." This is inaccurate, as neither former Staunton police investigator Roy Hartless nor the article itself made such a claim. Additionally, the Hook misquoted Hartless as having said he looked at a transcript of questions from a polygraph test of alleged murderer Sharron Diane Crawford Smith. Hartless says that while he did find a note in the file that indicated the polygraph was administered for elimination purposes, he never found the transcript he had sought.

The Hook also wishes to clarify that when Hartless says, "there's just nothing worse than a dirty cop," he was not speaking of former Staunton police investigator David Bocock specifically. Thus far, Hartless does not have information that would indicate Bocock was a "dirty cop," just questions about Bocock's original investigation.



On the surface, it appeared to be a well-written story, but now just another example of the Hook's piss-poor accuracy in their reporting. Sensationalizing it just like NBC29. If were one of those affected, I would be lining up behind the last guy that is suing you...

The case was sensational all by its self. If someone sues, there will be an investigation into police cover-up and conspiracy. The Staunton PD can't have that happen.