THE SPORTS DOC- High hopes? Hokies' Glennon taken down a peg

Last year, when Glennon got good coverage and connected better.

Despite our best efforts, we can't avoid all the things we find unpleasant. We can put off going to the dentist, but sooner or later we have to face it. If I never had to go to Wal-Mart again, I wouldn't complain.

But when I face an unpleasant task, I try to remember those less fortunate. Lately I've been remembering Sean Glennon.

Poor Sean Glennon. How can I put this nicely? It sucks to be him. 

When it comes to football, Virginia Tech fans aren't known for their good humor. Who can blame them? Despite their best efforts, Beamer and Foster haven't transformed the fitful Hokies into a Bowl Championship Series powerhouse. Years of erratic Bowl appearances may have tempered Tech fans' national aspirations, but when VT fails to lead the ACC, it's no laughing matter.

The Hokies entered week 11 ranked seventh in the ACC behind UVA, an uncomfortable situation, to say the least. Virginia Tech has rarely faced a do-or-die situation in their own conference, but for the Hokies to retain any shot at a title, Thursday's game against Maryland was a must win.

Question: How many Hokie quarterbacks does it take to win a game?

Answer: How many do you have?

The Hokies kept their small-time dreams of an ACC championship alive, defeating Maryland 23-13, but the game was more variety show than football. In keeping with the rest of the season, the only thing Thursday's parade of quarterbacks lacked was an appearance by Tommy Smothers. 

After Frank Beamer announced fifth-year senior Glennon was going to be this year's starting quarterback, it took one week for him to change his mind and take Tyrod Taylor off the bench, a whole week less than it took to make the same decision last year. Unfortunately for Glennon, it was one week too late.

Glennon didn't want to play second fiddle and didn't mind letting the coach know. After being benched in favor of true freshman Taylor last year, Glennon wasn't going to let it happen again.

"I hope the coaches realize that I need to be on the field," Glennon told the Virginian-Pilot last September. "But if they don't, and at the beginning of next season I know [that] ... I think a lot of programs would be willing to take me."

Ouch. I guess he didn't know.

But Frank Beamer knew. According to offensive tackle Ed Wang, the Hokies spent the preseason practicing with two quarterbacks. What Beamer didn't know was that all his talk about Glennon's unquestionable talent would be exposed as mere lip service when Maryland came to town.

When Glennon and Taylor were both injured playing Florida State, Glennon knew his chance to be starting quarterback had come. All he had to do was recover faster than Taylor, and the job would be his– at least for a little while. 

What a little while it was. Glennon must have felt pretty confident when he took the field against Maryland. Taylor was dressed but still nursing his ankle, and QB coach Mike O'Cain wasn't going to play third-stringer Cory Holt if he didn't have to. 

By halftime, Glennon had been sacked more times than Eliot Spitzer. Glennon's one-man show was a bigger flop than Lipstick Jungle, and the quarterback who claimed, "I'm good enough to play on any team in this country" was taken out of the game.

Greg Boone, a 280-pound junior tight end who hadn't played quarterback since high school, took Glennon's place.

My guess is that after the Maryland game, Sean Glennon would much rather go to the dentist than football practice. When he can't be trusted to keep the Hokies in ACC contention, even a root canal must be preferable to facing thousands of desperate fans. He should remember the less fortunate: Cory Holt, perhaps?



Seriously? Did you watch the game? Glennon was the quarterback and did a great job of managing the game. Boone was part of a specific package that was used on several drives throughout the game. Glennon threw a TD pass to tight-end Boone in the first half. Boone even lined up at tailback on a goal line play. Glennon was obviously hampered by a sprained ankle during the game and played through it. He didn't pass for a ton of yards. But when your freshman running back runs for 253 yards and your defense holds the other team to -12 rushing yards, you don't need to.

Clearly you did not watch this game. What are you doing writing such a trashy piece if you do not even know the facts? You should be ashamed!

Baaaad article, Glennon getting sacked was not his fault it's the Offensive Line they knew he couldn't even move around as little as he did before with his ankle, and he played very well, next time watch the game before you make opinions based on the ESPN highlights the next day

Tell me they don't really pay you for writing a bunch of bs like that. What a joke!

Wow! I was at the game, NO one felt like he had been sacked that much, or did that bad. Actually the feeling from the beginning of the game to the AMAZING drive the hokies had at the end was that Glennon did a great job CONSIDERING his hurt ankle. This article is not from someone who played attention to the game, actually...did you even watch it? Come on man you should not even be writing crap like this at all.

Travis, a chick wrote this article. Nuff said!

who is this moron? wow...Glennon played the whole game, Boone had a few snaps but he didnt replace him at QB. And 3 sacks the whole game...hell I'll take that over INTs anyday. Glennon may not be favorite QB but even I know when he did a good job.

Haha, this article is a joke, right? I will say that I am not a big fan of Glennon, would much rather have Tyrod in there with more mobility at QB, but even I have to admit that with a hurt ankle or not, he had a very solid performance against Maryland...obviously, like people before me said, you did not watch the game, or else you would have seen that he was never benched, and threw a touchdown with any interceptions...this has got to be a joke, right?'re from it all makes sense. Someone a little jealous of VT much? good luck against us in a couple of weeks...hah