Cherry Hills Inc. to NVR Inc., parcel in Cherry Hill, $472,100.

NVR Inc. to Scott Roth and Kristin N. Bell, parcel in Cherry Hill, $307,500.

Chiara Peacock to New Leaf Properties LLC, 0.172 acres at 1127 Little High Street, no

price given.

Dorothy G. Glass to Jonathan Wheeler, 716 Alta Vista Avenue, $152,000.

NVR Inc. to Hui Qiao and Xioanan Wang, 809 Rainier Road, Cherry Hill, $272,500.

Ralph L. Feil to Nancy Lowry, trustee, two lots on Dairy Road, no price given.

CB&D LLC to Shawn T. Jacobson and Jaclyn N. Cervo, 114 Roy's Place, $246,000.

Southern Development to Southern Property, lot in Brookwood, $295,300.

Christa M. Anderson to Robert  H. Thiele and Dana T. Coons, 715 Nelson Drive, $330,000.


Jeffrey and Virginia S. St. Denis to Patrick Arthur, 1619 East Market Street, $310,000.

Joan S. and James D. Catlett Jr. to Joan S. Catlett and Aaron D. Evans, 609 Elizabeth AVenue, no price given.

Schon M. Zwakman to Christopher J. and Sara S. Schroeck, 916 Locust Lane, Locust Meadows, $214,000.

NVR Inc. to Kelly Miller and Margarita Nafpaktitis, 803 Rainier Road, Cherry Hill, $312,4500.

Octopus Property LLC to Robert N. Horn, condominium unit in Walker Square, $186,300.

Patricia H. Cooke and DFL LLC to John C. and Lynelle H. Lawrence, 213 West Main Street, $373,500.


Alex M. Ward and Meredith E. Calvert to Delbert A. Kolberg Jr. and Carolena M. Saunders, 416 Mobile Lane, $229,00.

Dean M. and Tessy K. Schlemmer to Krista L. Niece, 0.156 acres at 1204 St. George Avenue, $225,000.


Ralph Feil and Nancy Lowry, trustees, to Michael J. and Elizabeth V. Wortheim, 1526 Dairy Road, $490,00.

Joe Richmond Jr. to Lawrence S., and Marta Cilone Brannon, 327 Kent Road, $550,000.

Gregory P. Nelson and Cynthia Clark to Mary Jane Thiele, 1606 Concord Drive, Foxbrook, $455,000.


Selinger Homes Inc. to Nan W. Seiler, 365 Quarry Road, $280,000.

Steve T. Abbott and Richard Barrick to Heather L. McCoy, 1604 Monticello Avenue, Monticello Overlook condominiums, $186,000.

Anne Metz and Peter Henry to Anne Metz, condominium unit In Walker Square, no price given.

Holiday Drive LLC to MIS PRoperties LLC, Lakeland Tours property, 2000 Holiday Drive, $4,600,000.

Louis P. Baron to Anthony Fox and Lily Fox-Bruguiere, 758 Lexington Avenue, $365,000.


NVR Inc. to Susan Carpenter, 805 Rainier Road, Cherry Hill, $272,700.

Shamrock Corp. to James B. Cravati, two lots on Ridge Street, $352,000.


Thomas R. Schwenk to Thomas R. Schwenk and Hope A. Leopold, 102 Northwood Circle, no price given.

John M. Loy and Alaina I. Schroeder to Molly K. McCarty, 811 Blenheim Avenue, $229,500.

Betty L. and Glenn S. Currier Jr. to Catharine A. Helms, 737 Graves Street, $228,000.

James and Catherine Crosby to Binx Investment Group LLC, unit in Carlton Bridge condominiums, no price given.

Church Hill Development Co. LLC to Jonathan S. Weber, lot in Carter's View, $380,000.

NVR Inc. to Brent H. Hansell and Donna E. Crowley, 807 Rainier Road, Cherry Hill, $299,200.

Ralph Feil and Nancy and Neville Lowry, trustees, to Bruce R. Barkley, parcel on Dairy Road, $230,000.


Valerie H. Spencer to Floyd W. Hurt Jr., 1502 East Market Street, $279,000.

MGR Development Corp. to Christopher and Gwynn Malikian, 101 Blincoe Lane, $310,000.


James B. Caravati to Sidney Willis LLC, two lots on Ridge Street, no price given.

Barbara F. Pilkey and Blake Caravati to Sidney Willis LLC, parcel on Grove Street, no price given.

Octopus Properties LLC to Daniel H. and Maria B. Gildea, unit in Walker Square condominiums, 750 Walker Square, $213,700.


Southern Property LLC to Matthew H. Wong and Cynthia B. Snider, 0.155 acres at 186 Brookwood Drive, $300,700.


Suzanna A. Cantley and Raja D. Adams to Mark A. Tribble and Elaine Baldwin, 148 Brandywine Court, $215,000.

Emile A. Allen to Allen Property Investments LLC, 1646 Center Avenue, no price given.

W. Gerald and Kim L. Martin to David G. Dubendorfer and Carrie J. Oertel, 307 Palatine AVenue, $238,000.

Hamid Reza Bidani and Rosa Ann Gallo to Daniel Potter, 0.211 acres at 310 Valley Road Ext., $265,000.

Jennifer P. Coffey to Edward M. and Edith H. Haga, 1402 Vine Street, $153,000.


George, Kip, and William G. Barkley and Elizabeth B. Dowling to Greenleaf Center LLC, 1143-1147 Rose Hill Drive, $750,00. 

Effie M. and Malcolm W. Sandridge Jr. to Herbert F. and Gillbette M. Johnson, 2302 Shelby Drive, $235,000. 

Haya Doppelt to Joseph C. Martin, 1138 St. Clair Avenue, $154,600.

Edward Gardner Jr. to Daniel E. and Ann W. Duncan, Stephen S. Bukowski, and Shawna M. Terry, 346 10th Street NW, $150,000.


Trudy L. Peebles to Michael J. and Kathryn B. Sherwood, 707 Evergreen Avenue, $319,000.

10th and Market LLC to Joseph J. and Phyllis M. Palombi, condominium unit in the Randolph, 210 10th Street NE, $642,900.


Kevin F. O'Hara to Seth M. Atwood and Jessica Lorigeist, 932 5th Street SW, $152,000.

Hauser Homes LLC to Dawn I. Gillerman, 0.189 acres at 824 Village Road, Village Place, $612,524.

Michael V. Anello to Christophe Tschappatt and Linda A. deVelasco, 505 Commerce Street and 200 6th Street NW, $215,000.


JPA Investors LLC to Mark L., Brad, and Christine K. Bilowus, condominium unit in 1800 Jefferson Park Avenue, $214,900.

Cherry Hill Inc. to NVR Inc., lot in Cherry Hill, $278,000.

Brian R. and Christine O. Wamhoff to Charles C. Bassett, 1223 River Vista Avenue, $299,500.

EMC Mortgage Co. to Emily Milstein and Yale S. Penzell, trustees, condominium unit at 1602-A Monticello

Avenue, Monticello Overlook, $104,000.

Christopher C. Woolheater to James A. Nist and Kelly A. Conner, 1444 Kenwood Lane, $267,000.

Kathleen V. Knaus to Meindert and Dirk Bloemers, 1633 Mason Lane, $317,000.

Charlotte A. and Cecil C. Marshall to Cecil C. Marshall, 918 King Street, no price given.

NVR Inc. to Matthew D. Lerner and Chelsea Finn, 801 Rainier Road, Cherry Hill, $277,341.

JPA Investors LLC to Arti J. and Jagdish K. Shah, condominium unit in 1700 Jefferson Park Avenue, $137,501.

William C. Palmer and Jennifer T. Owens to Matthew T. Davison and Megan E. Haury, 620 McIntire Road, $220,000.

Big Deal


Hauser Homes LLC to Dawn I. Gillerman, 0.189 acres at 824 Village Road, Village Place, $612,524.