LETTER- Don't diss Bill McDonough

Are you kidding me?! The Hook has repeated this story on Bill McDonough from another publication [October 30: "Fast Company does demo job on McDonough"] and regurgitated it back to us prior to doing any research on your end. How irresponsible is that?

And the reason for demolishing McDonough? He has done what to who? Author Danielle Sacks doesn't like his hair?

Of all the truly amazing accomplishments this man has achieved, she spotlights his struggle with raising an umbrella!? Do I care if he is capable of that?

She finds a "Nike exec" to give her negative feedback. Well, with little effort, I could find you 10 who would sing his praises. Ditto for the professor that she finds.

The China incident? Want the facts? They paid McDonough a small fee to design the village. He had no control over the actual construction, and it was not completed according to his instructions. So, yes, it has not worked out according to the initial hope, but the fault does not belong to McDonough.

Those little intricacies really ought to be verified. You take a man who has spent his life attempting to make this world a better place for my children, and you throw mud in his face. There are more deserving recipients.

We should be proud to have William McDonough in our community. No matter what his hair looks like blowing in the wind.

Heather Bowen Bolus