Robert C. Pianta to Paul S. Doherty, 2035 North Pantops Drive, Ashcroft, $449,000.

Jeffrey M. Martin to Maha G. Maria, 206 Buttercup Lane, Lake Reynovia, $229,100.

Bailey Realty LLC to Southern Highlands LLP, 72 acres at 325 Loftlands Farm, Earlysville, $1,500,000.

Titus Pankey III to Glenn E. and Victoria C. Branham, 5.070 acres at 3697 Stony Point Road, $164,000.


Eleanor F. Smalley to Yue Hum Ng, 1800 Solomon Road, Barterbrook, $245,000.

Patrick A. Helm to Donald R. Surratt Jr., 799 Filly Run, Cory Farm, $355,000.

Mark H. Weinheimer to Edward S. Philkill, 2.0 acres at 5137 Burnley Road, $329,345.

Michael J. Moeller to Amy F. Lancaster, 348 Minor Ridge Road, Wynridge, $234,400.

Jane E. Covington to John R. Hanny Jr., 1.66 acres on State Route 600, 5432 Stony Point Pass, Keswick, $340,000.

Craig Enterprises Inc. to Boyd W. and Barbara B. Chisholm, 1318 Gate Post Lane, Highlands at Mechum's River, $343,275.

Avemore LLC to Avemore Ext. LLC, parcel, $576,000.

Andrew M. Bellizzi to Robert H. Parks Jr. and Robert H. Parks III, 26 Georgetown Green, $220,000.

Shawn T. Cobb to David Ling, 392 Bayberry Way, Deerwood, $372,000.


Fay Calk, May Haney, and Lois Shore ex., to George H. and Lois A. Shore, 12.570 acres at 3658 Stony Point Road, $400,000.

Jason V. and Courtney N. Hall to Robert L. and Vivian L. Johnson, 0.352 acres at 1249 Timberbranch Court, Mill Creek North, $310,000.

Skyline Home Builders LLC to Stephen R. Young, 1468 Stillhouse Ridge Lane, Stillhouse Ridge, $599,700.

Michael J. Culp to John McLean, 1518 Still Meadow Cove, Still Meadow, $615,000.

Michael Muckle to Michael J. Culp, 3034 Free Union Road, $650,000.

United States of America to Madeline M. Horton, trustee, 2776 Oakridge Court, $177,600.

Edgar F. Norment Jr. to Jonathan A. Small, 920 Williston Court, West Leigh, $500,000.


NVR Inc. to Mohamed I. Dahman, 1520 Montessori Terrace, the Pavilions at Pantops, $253,759.

Wendell W. Gibson Inc. to Ryan T. Scruggs, 1275 Redfields Road, Redfields, $440,000.

Jonathan T. Wren, special commissioner, to Synergistic Contracting Services, lot in Scottsville Magisterial District, $7,000.

Nomura Capital and Credit Inc. to Nathalia B. Shifflett, 2.971 acres on State Route 810, 1819 Simmons Gap Road, Nortonsville, $200,400.


Michael E. Miller to Amy B. Lambert, 3.04 acres on State Route 6, 155 Irish Road, $239,000.

John Lewis Bell Jr. to Mary Boyd, trustee, 1.40 acres at 977 Seminole Trail, $100,000.

Dwight C. Purvis to Joseph P. Meyer, 1541 Surry Hill Court, Raintree, $355,000.

NVR Inc. to William Dunn Jr., condominium unit at the Pavilions at Pantops, 1512 Montessori Terrace, $325,000.


Sooyong and Heeja Chung to Peter S. and Ruth E. Creticos, condominium unit at 116 Harvest Drive, Huntington Village, $279,000.

Anup Agarwal to John P. O'Sullivan, 2165 Loring Circle, Rivercreek of Dunlora, $545,000.

Rod J. Oskouian to Adam R. Southall, 220 BlackthornLane, Lake Reynovia, $279,000.

Kevin S. Shiraishi to Naomi Metzger, 158 Deerwood Drive, Deerwood, $323,500.

Southland Homes Inc. to Robert R. Rodgers, trustee, 1358 Timberwood Boulevard, Hollymead Town Center, $299,000.

March Mountain Properties LLC to Albemarle Ventures LLC, four lots in Ballard Field, Old Trail, $260,000.

Carriage Hill I Condominiums LLC to Weybridge Court LLC, unit in Carriage Hill condominiums, $260,000.

Chi Chin Wu to Guy R. Mallow, 3382 Moubry Lane, Forest Ridge, $340,000.

Gregory H. Harvey to Chi Chin Wu, 430 Grayrock Drive, Grayrock Orchard, $442,000.

Harry F. Yoder to Christopher C. Brubaker, 1020 Susan Drive, Country Oaks, Earlysville, $613,700.


Charles E. and Melody D. Swartz to June M. Jones, 0.207 acres at 203 Barnsdale Road, Camelot, $179,000.

Mary K. Kotelec to Ryan L. Holloman, 120s7 Chatham Ridge, RiverRun, $214,000.

NVR Inc. to David A. Neal III, 2709 Aldersgate Way, Abington Place, $320,000.

Robert E. Stark to Judith B. Sushkin, 204 Montvue Drive, Montvue, $480,000.

Robert T. and Patricia M. Freeman to Tye River Ltd., 13.54 acres on State Route 655, Alberene, $200,000.


Prudential Relocation Inc. to Richard C. Reidinger, 1248 Loring Run, Rivercreek of  Dunlora, $469,400.

Margie D. Boozer to W. A. Pace Jr., 2.170 acres on State Route 250, 3234 Avebury Lane, Keswick, $441,700.

Edgar L. Shifflett to Craig A. Winn, 7.65 acres at 741 Woodlands Road, $325,000.

Charles E. Harper to Stephen T. Parr, 2565 Holly Knoll Lane, $635,000.

James M. Ray to Rahul Kapoor, 1626 AppianWay, Fontana, $409,000.

Weather Hill Builders LLC to Brian J. and Sarah H. Louie, 0.041 acres at 1715 Painted Sky Terrace, Wickham Pond, $279,000.

Curtis V. Bare to Brian Bartholomew, 2409 Smithfield Road, Canterbury Hills, $386,200.

Jane E. Goldberg to Laurelyn K. Pratt and Tina M. Dederscheck, 15.64 acres on State Route 743, White Hall Magisterial District, $290,000.

NVR Inc. to Margarita Galindo, 1514 Montessori Terrace, the Pavilions at Pantops, $242,131.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Mordechai Genossar, 125 West Park Drive, Knollwood, $149,000.

Meadow Wood Inc. to Joseph H. Kidd, condominium unit in the Villas at Southern Ridge, 1217 Villa Lane, $185,500.

Big Deal:


Bailey Realty LLC to Southern Highlands LLP, 72 acres at 325 Loftlands Farm, Earlysville, $1,500,000.