LETTER- Fire the water plan pols

I guess public officials and politicians don't need brains because, of course, they aren't spending their own money [September 25: "Water surprise: Reservoir halted after price doubles"].

Tom Frederick, the head of the Rivanna Water and Sewer Authority, admits he has no idea what his pet reservoir will cost but insists that the taxpayers write him a blank check to pay for it.

What is his plan when the old reservoir starts silting up? Oh, I get it. Another dam. His plan is undoubtedly to flood all of Albemarle. Then he can sit in his cushy corner office, get paid, and do nothing.

He doesn't know how to get the water up the hill. What is his plan? Buckets of water in the back of a '56 Chevy?

He must go. We can't afford incompetence on a silly plan that will undoubtedly cost $700 billion. If he isn't fired, I will do everything in my power to get rid of the Board of Supervisors and whoever runs Charlottesville who support him, all allegedly for the taxpayers. I presume they plan to name the pet reservoir after themselves, to immortalize a job well done?

Derek Oppen