Shawna Whitford to Cassandra A. Cunningham, 908 Woodfolk Drive, $180,000.

Veliky LLC to Max and Jean White, 11014 Cherry Avenue, $189,500.

Frederick S. Bryant to Adam D. Williams, 312 10-1/2 Street NW, $169,000.

Jane T. Fisher to Tripp and Lisa N. Stewart, 843 Locust Avenue, $579,200.

CNT Restoration LLC to JRS Holding LLC, 1608 Mulberry Avenue, $190,000.


Weather Hill Builders LLC to Albert F. and Karen R. Lazo, 0.228 acres at 1623 Brandywine Drive, Greenbrier, $499,000.

JPA Investors LLC to John P. and Annette G. Galdun, condominium unit in 1800 Jefferson Park Avenue, $134,900.

Thomas B. Rohr and Jeffrey L. Newton to Cheryl Councill, 103 North Baker Street, $295,000.

Antonio Lolorado to Mary Ann Winecoff, unit in Charlottesville Towers Condominiums, 511 North First Street, $205,000.

Southern Development Group Inc. to Southern Property LLC, four lots in Brookwood, $132,900.


NVR Inc. to Jocelyn N. and Nancy L. Longton, 700 Rainier Road, Cherry Hill, $486,800.

Michael R. Clark to Margaret B. Haney, 1107 Montrose Avenue, $239,990.

Claude E. and Betty H. Everett to Stephen M. Goodman and Jeannine M. Wilson, 1217 St. George Avenue, $295,500.

FNRI LLC to Antonia Lolorado, 233 Fourth Street SW, $255,000.

Maggie E. Kelley to Dominick T. Montie, parcels on Carlton Avenue, $60,000.

Dominick T. Montie to CHH Custom Homes Inc., three lots on Carlton Avenue, $165,000.

Octopus Property LLC to Mark A. Patterson, unit in Walker Square condominiums, $279,100.


Hauser Homes to Leo M. and Farnaz M. Gazoni, 836Village Road, $484,200.

Samuel F. White, trustee, to EMC Mortgage Corp., unit 1602 in Monticello Overlook condominiums, $100,064.


10th and Market LLC to Cedar Creek Institute, 4 Cedar Creek, Earlysville, $1,250,000.


JPA Investors LLC to Scott Tumperi, condominium unit in 1800 Jefferson Park Avenue, $345,000.

Sandra L. Goodson to Carin L. Edwards-Orr, 900 Rives Street, $143,000.

Samuel I. White, trustee, to Charles D. and Stephanie A. Hess, 614 Moseley Drive, $180,500.

Harold Wayne Davis to The Sutton Group LLC, 0.172 acres at 518 Meade Avenue, $38,352.

Sharon S. Herrion to Richard L. and Joy R. Nuckolls, 1228 Holmes Avenue, $174,000.


PS2 Properties LLC to Jeffrey D. and Alison I. Smith, 0.109 acres at 115 Riverbluff Circle, $128,000.

Margaret Melton to Chiara Peacock, 1127 Little High Street, $215,000.

Southern Property LLC to Taylor Young Hong and Charles T. Waldruff, 198 Brookwood Drive, $289,900.

Reuben R. and Selena M. Jones to Selena M. Jones, 501 7-1/2 Street SW, no price given.

Eben M. and Brooke Mallory to Alexandra L. Edeleanu, 200 Azalea Drive, $253,500.

Gilda B. Thomas to Kelly Ann Aldhizer, three lots at 509 Caroline Avenue, gift.

Jean Eddins to 1448 Westwood LLC, 1448 Westwood Road, no price given.


Samuel I. White, trustee, to US Bank National Association, condominium unit at 407 Valley Road Condos, $142,018.

Lisa and Leonard A. Garner, Diane, Robert, and Alexander Anderson Jr., Jerome M. Parson, and Goldie P. Walton to Silk Purse Properties LLC, 311 10th Street NW, $120,000.


Metina LLC to Beccm Enterprises, 1150 River Road (Virginia Glass Co.), $1,171,000.


Wendy L. Wood to Michael L. Rabinowitz, 1305 Poplar Street, $315,000.

Skyline Home Builders LLC to Southern Development Group, six lots at Brookwood, $570,000.


10th and Market LLC to Katherine J. and Angus S. Lamond IV, condominium unit in the Randolph, 210 10 Street NE, $900,000.


Michael J. Johnson and Suzanne E. Michels [sic] to David J. Dort, 0.238 acres at 234 Hartman's Mill Road, $167,000.

NVR Inc. to Jenifer Cardoza, 815 Rainier Road, Cherry Hill, $284,400.

Celina J. Jourdain to Paul and Nga N. Katz, 1233 Holmes Avenue, $185,000.

Broadlands Asset Management LLC to HSC Real Estate Holdings LLC, 0.178 acres at 412 5th Street SW, $225,000.

HSC Real Estate Holdings LLC to Argent Development LLC, 0.178 acres at 412 5th Street SW, $225,000.

Skyline Home Builders LLC to Frank T. Ballif, 40 Brookwood Drive, Brookwood, $299,000.


NVR Inc. to Thomas B. Rohr, 813 Rainier Road, Cherry Hill, $286,300.

Sheila McMillian to Matthew D. Eames, 801 Prospect Avenue, $132,500.

John W. Ghoreyeb and Leslie N. Kravitz to Hunter S. Wyant, 112 Thomas Drive, $288,000.


Kathreen H. Jennings to Sarah-Dan LLC, 0.4309 acres at 1080 East Rio Road, Greenbrier, $225,000. 

Kenneth S. and Arlene R. Buynak to Linda M. Ginsburg, 801 Watson Avenue, $260,300.

Timothy and Anne Neille to Joseph M. and Erin J. Davison, 223 Monte Vista Avenue, $309,000.

Piedmont Hospital LLC to Jennifer S. Tromberg, condominium unit in the Barringer at Monroe Lane, $299,000.


Thomas R. Bryant to David J. Toscano, trustee, property on west side of St. Clair Avenue, gift.

CB&D LLC to Michael and Erin Lichtenstein, 116 Roy's Place, $230,000.


Church Hill Development Co. LLC to Brooke C. Driskill and Albert V. Carr III, 846 Village Road, $530,957.

Zachary M. Sanger to Gary and Elizabeth M. Edgecomb, 0.233 acres at 611 Moseley Drive, Azalea Gardens, $225,000.

Big Deal


10th and Market LLC to Katherine J. and Angus S. Lamond IV, condominium unit in the Randolph, 210 10 Street NE, $900,000.