LETTER- Keep running bold commentary

I am writing in response to Anne McKeithen's letter to the editor ["Use credible writers, please," August 21].  I trust Ms. McKeithen's knowledge of environmental issues is not matched by her journalistic ignorance. 

The piece in question ["Plastic ban: Mayor's short-sighted plan to 'bag it,'" August 14] was not, as she asserted, an "article." It was a commentary piece, evidenced by the word "Essay" emblazoned, in oversized text, across the page. Essays, which are commonly printed on the inside rear page of the Hook, are not intended to be "unbiased" news articles.  

Like letters to the editor, commentary are works of opinion, sometimes containing data, like Ms. Smith-Heister's essay, and other times containing "assumptions and poor reasoning," like Ms. McKeithen's letter to the editor. They are intended to present the perspective of the writer on a particular issue.  It is akin to the difference between a news article on page A1 and a commentary in the op-ed pages of the Washington Post.  

I encourage the Hook to continue to present a diversity of viewpoints in its opinion columns, whether liberal, conservative, or even libertarian, and not succumb to the tyranny of uniformity for which Ms. McKeithen seemingly advocates.  

David A. Wolcott