FOOD- THE DISH- Arch's Triomphe: Stylin' frogurt shop debuts on Emmet

Sandy Archer serves her first customer at the new Arch's Frozen Yogurt on Emmet Street.

Last Monday, Arch's Frozen Yogurt opened its third location to the delight of both frozen yogurt fans and architecture enthusiasts. The two-story building on Emmet Street, with two outdoor eating balconies, ivy-covered walls (eventually), lots of glass, and a host of energy-efficient features is unlike anything else you're likely to see on that stretch of Emmet.

Designed by BRW Architects, known for renovations of Congregation Beth Israel, the Downtown Rec Center, and the Mall side of the Market Street parking garage, the building is a model of sustainable construction (it actually won an award from the City) and modern design, complete with energy efficient SIPS roof and wall panels that were cut to order. The two outdoor decks are on a glassy light-filled second floor, along with a couple of comfy chairs and a small battalion of toddler tables and chairs.

"What I really like about the building is that there are so many unique spots to sit," says co-owner Sandy Archer, "...its got alot of really unique nooks."

Archer, who founded Arch's with her husband, Rob, says its been their dream to open this spectacular new shop, and indeed, as she served the first customer she had a pinch-me-I think-I'm-dreaming look on her face.

"I can't believe it finally happened," says Archer. "Its been three years since we bought the land."

In addition to frozen yogurt, the new shop features a large menu of designer sandwiches and salads, as well as a kids menu– grilled cheese, turkey and cheese, or a build-your-own bagel and a side and a drink for under five bucks!

So how did Day One go?

"It was awesome," says Archer. "It exceeded our expectations." 

Indeed, just 15 minutes after we snapped a shot of their first customer, a line had already formed at the counter.

Warner on 'que

Wannabe Senator and former Governor Mark Warner, sorta fresh from his speech at the Democratic Convention, made a bit of a food/campaign tour through town last Monday, making stops at Cville Coffee for breakfast and Pee-Wee's Pit Bar B Que in Scottsville for lunch.

At Cville Coffee, Warner held court for about 50 people at 8:30am, according to barista Jeff Justice, who described the crowd as "upper crust" and "not a very diverse group." Justice says he never saw Warner eating anything while he was there, too busy talking we imagine, but he did see the former Gov sipping a coffee.

By the time Warner hit Scottsville, he must have been starving. According to Hook reporter Lindsay Barnes, Warner wolfed down a pulled pork barbecue sandwich, mashed potatoes, a thigh of fried chicken, and washed it all down with two glasses of sweet tea.

"This is some of the best barbecue in the state, and I would know," Warner told Barnes, "because I'm just about barbecued out, you eat so much of it on the campaign trail."

In light of Senator Barack Obama's remark that "You can't put lipstick on a pig," and whether it was a jab at newly anointed GOP vice presidential nominee Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, the owners of Pee-Wee's decided to have a little fun with their own pig mascot, which sits outside their restaurant, by giving him a lipstick make-over. Said day manager Nicola Roberts, "We saw that story on the news and figured, ‘We've got a pig.'"

 Aqui es Mexico's new digs open

Aqui es Mexico's owner, Jose Patino, finally opened his new space next door to his Carlton Road location. Since opening two years ago, the little Mexican place has warmed the hearts and palates of local foodies, and the result of that success is a new Aqui es Mexico with more than twice the space. 

"It's a completely different look," says Patino. "There's more space, the tables are bigger, so we can make better presentations and improve our service." Indeed, the entirety of the old space has been turned into a kitchen and storage space. 

Now there's also a nice bar where hombres can hang out.

And Patino says he's not done making improvements. In addition to more ambient lighting, he says he's working on the sound system and throwing around ideas to spruce up the decor.

So what's the reaction been from his customers?

"Happy," says Patino.

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