CORRECTIONS- We botched some names and things

• In the September 11 cover story sidebar on relatives of James Madison, we referred to a Madison relative as John Scott. He actually goes by Johnny Scott.

• In the September 11 story about softball moms joining the fight to McIntire fields, we gave the wrong Powell daughter who began playing softball in the year 2000. 'Twas Danielle. 

• In the September 11 issue, Dr. Hook misunderstood the gender of the person co-parenting a child with singer Clay Aiken and then embarked on some groundless speculation based on his error.



A mother and father raising their child together is called a FAMILY.

It is not called co-parenting. Leave the man alone. You know nothing about him or his family.

Thank you, Dr. Hook, for making the correction. Clay seems to have more than his fair share of "groundless speculation based on error" by the media and others. The media should always make certain they have their facts 100% correct before saying anything at all. Maybe if the media was fined for every erroneous comment that is made, the number made would drop dramatically. But I do appreciate you making the correction. Jaymes Foster, sister of producer David Foster, is the mother of Clay's son via artificial insemination. And she is definitely a female.

Don't worry Dr. Hook you were 99% correct. Clay is gay. His babymoma is a surrogate even if she is a friend and likely at some point he will be raising the baby, in part, with his male partner. You just jumped the gun a bit.

These crazy Claymates who insist that he Jaymes and the baby are a comfy het household are homophobic at worst and deluded at best.

Stay tuned. Rumors are flying about an expose or a coming out interview soon.

I think if you want to find homophobic people

clay Aiken's fanbase isn't really the place to look.
Really when one is assumed gay or not out of the closet yet the media thinks it is okay to make off color jokes. Really that is just a sneaky way of gay bashing.

I like Clay Aiken a way lot!!! I saw him and Kelly clarkston in concert. And Yeah I don't see what him being gay has to do with the important thing which is he can sing and his concert rocked. I never get to see him anymore because of where I live but I got the new cd on itunes and it is the best one. So if he is gay i wish people would just shut up and leave him alone. George from Greys Anatomy is gay and he is still hot so whatever. I am glad he is a daddy and he is happy!!!

Thanks for the correcting the mistake. It really doesn't matter what orientation Clay is. It doesn't take away from the man's talent and philanthropy. He is going to be be a great father and I doubt he would exclude Jaymes, the mother, from raising her child. Any trash, like mentioned by "TIE" above, is onlyused to generate publicity and attention, or it is focused on by haters and over the top fans. They give the rest of us a bad reputation. Clay fans encompass the same kinds of people as any other fan base. Some good. Some bad.

So why is it trash to say that Clay is gay and that Jaymes, who he refers to as his "dear friend" is a surrogate? There is no "romance" between them as the Claymates would have everyone think. It is not trash to be clear on what is happening.

If you think that being gay or saying someone is gay is trash then you disrespect Clay Aiken. You trash him.

I don't know how anyone would know if there is no romance between them ....can they read minds?

The only ones who know are Clay and Jaymes. Clay never said she was a surrogate. In his latest blog, he said that they would both be raising the child together.


It gets soooo tiring reading the same old things about Clay Aiken, you have given me a
migraine ! Whose business is it, anyway, who he sleeps with. Haven’t you ever heard of, “Live and let live.” If he is gay so be it, but I don’t think he is. He has said that he is NOT.

I just feel that Clay is a complicated personality, as well as being kind of a mystery, which works to his advantage. He admits to still being a Mama’s boy - for years it was just Clay and Mom, and putting that together with his Southern gentleman manners, and artistic ways, he may be a wee bit ‘sissy -fied’, but not having any close “male role models” ever being in his life, who was there to emulate. I love Clay for the way he is, and his voice is a truly magnificent gift to us all, along with his other talents.

His fans say "We came for the voice, and stayed for the man." Yes, we love Clay for all that he is, God's present to us, and to all the children of the world.
Regards and Peace,

Sharie, your comments are right on the money. That is the way the Clay fans feel. We have from his first audition. I am proud of Clay. He is a wonderful man and will be a wonderful father. Jaymes is also wonderful. Not anyone's business what their personal relationship is however, I believe they are committed to one another and to their son. They are a family. I thank God every day for Clay, his music and the man that he is. He will touch this world in big ways. Love and Hope

A few more rules: no libel, no slander, and no lying. And please stay on the topic.

Yeah, about that...

How is "outing" someone who has himself maintained he is not gay anything but libelous, slanderous and untruthful? And how do these rules not chiefly apply to the reviewer and to the site by which he or she (but inevitably it's a "he") is employed.

I'll slow down, I might be going to fast for you. The topic was music, not an assault on a man's character or appeal to women.

Dr. Hook committed a major faux pas that does reek of homophobia and deserves to be protested. He should stick to what he knows and keep his guesses private.

Now, I would just like to humbly point out one little thing about our language. Slander and libel are essentially the same thing except that slander is speech or gestures and libel is published text or photos. Using these terms correctly clarifies what we are trying to communicate.
Thank You,
Kevin Cox

It is funny that so many seem determined to make Clay gay, as thought their thinking it, saying it and hoping for it will make it so. Sad that the man, who knows himself better than anyone, has said repeatedly that he is NOT gay. If anyone, people who grew up with him and know him contend he was/is somewhat girl crazy, just shy. As to the "baby momma, surrogate, etc." a woman who has a baby and raised it is NOT a surrogate. Jaymes has no intention of giving up her baby -- and neither does Clay -- hence they are living together and raising the baby together. And the "source" for the AI method of conception is from TMZ -- please, tell me you really don't rely on tabloid fodder to provide what you believe. Neither Jaymes nor Clay have said HOW they conceived -- I would think MOST people would feel what they do to have a baby is NO ONE'S business or right to know. Lots of people have to have "invetro" -- which is totally different from AI anyway. Talk about those who are homophobic -- I think a lot of idiots are "heterophobic" -- they can't stand to not claim everyone in the public eye is gay -- the more they can "accuse" the better. What a sad state when they think someone's sexuality is what is supposed to define them.

Clay embarked on the music industry in 2003. He absolutely took the world by storm,becoming quite successful, evoking both positive and negative responses alike; controversial responses from both fans and non-fans alike. It absolutely cannot be denied that Clay's fans love, support and are dedicated to him, which makes "us" an easy target to fall prey to the medias selfish, egotistical and quite frankly lame attempts for their on personal gain. The only Clay I have seen is "A YOUNG MAN WHO IS VERY CONFIDENT IN HIS OWN SKIN." In my opinion, they have devised their on formula: CLAY=CASH. They are just wanting to corner the market. Unfortunately, the market is CLAY!!!!!!! It is just a vicious cycle to me.

I can't figure out how so many people can read into "dear friend". Are you calling the man a liar? He has always been honest, at least I have never seen anyone catch him in a lie, so if Jaymes is his friend they are not lovers or family--period. Clay has not said one time that he was raising the baby with anyone. All he wrote was that he and Jaymes announced the birth. That's it.

Two people can raise a child together without living together. Divorced people do it every day. They even do it from different states and countries. Nobody has ever heard Clay say he lives with Jaymes at all. That is tabloid fodder. If you can prove it, post the proof.

The fans who keep saying that are soooo sick. It's all over the internet where these fans have this make believe family setup of the three of them. You are all just as bad as TMZ. You can't accept what Clay says so you are trying to force the situation into something you can live with yourselves. Everybody sees it but you.

The situation between Clay, Jaymes and the baby is nobody's concern, doesn't need your imagination, lies or acceptance.

It is true, however, that Clay has repeatedly said he is not gay. Let's leave it at that and give him peace 'cause if you've noticed, he doesn't care what anybody thinks about this.

Clay should be grateful anyone still gives a sh*t about him after how near a career collapse caused by shutting fans off, dead silence over this past summer's rumor turned fact, & poor cd sales.

I agree with you Rhesdryl - the dead silence over the rumour was a bad idea. Wouldn't have hurted to admit that it was true when the media was reporting it as true even when he'd made no comment. It gives all rumours more credence when one turns out to be true.

Even though he had a baby in the same way that many gay people do, he's stated many times that he's not gay. He admitted earlier this year that he has no interest in dating anyone - female or male. He is asexual, or has turned himself into one.

Negativity is very pathetic and screams jealousy. Tsk tsk. What you say, says more about you than whom you say it about. Consider that people before you embarrass yourselves!