John M. Walters to Christopher J. Dubois and Rebecca Plesko-Dubois, 2.117 acres at 4000 William Court, Ivy Woods, $337,000.

Michel and Ana Maria Kahaleh, trustees, to Kent J. and Susan L. Rychcik, 0.377 acres at 2050 Shepherd Ridge Road, Dunlora, $565,000.

Jonathon B. and Jennifer W. Hamilton to Jonathan and Erin D. Chiu, 0.324 acres at 217 Lakespur Way, Lake Reynovia, $300,000.

Paul A. Wilkes to Charles T. and Dana F. Upchurch, 6.88 acres at 6925 Porters Road, Esmont,$417,500.

Iman B. and Bassam T. Aldajani to Bethany Dannelly and Sarah C. Otey, 0.158 acres at 506 Pebble Hill Court, Redfields, $289,500.

Hooshang and Amir Zandinejad to Amir Zandinejad, 0.031 acres at 2344 Abington Drive, Abington Place subdivision, gift.

Amy E. Fiorenza to Bezawit Tekola, 0.074 acres at 1009 Somer Chase Court, Hollymead Townhouses, $235,000.

Lee J. Monahan to Nathaniel Pryor Reed Jr., 0.244 acres at 2200 Shepherd's Ridge Road, Dunlora, $480,000.

Spear Builders of Virginia Inc. to Timothy L. Watkins, 21.210 acres at 2995 Courtenay Glen Way, the Farms at Turkey Run, $803,685.

Christopher P. and Sheri L. Culler to Christopher R. and Deanna R. Durst, 520 Whitcover Circle, Stonehenge Townhouses, $219,000.

Shawn and Katherine Birchenough to Thomas D. Henry and Courtney Coker, 0.760 acres at 687 Tilman Road, $495,000.

Craig Enterprises Inc. to Janice Hendricks, 0.181 acres at 1326 Gate Post Lane, Highlands at Mechum's River, $330,000.


Brian C. Belyea and Andrianne N. Stump to Andrew D. and Angela M. Mills, 0.047 at 155 Jordan Lane, Clover Lawn Village, $245,000.

Erika F. and W. Frazier Bell Jr. to Colleen I. Anderson and Michelle R. Benedict, 2.164 acres at 3975 William Court, Ivy Woods, $365,000.

Maurice Apprey to T. E., trustee, 2805 Brookmere Road, Woodbrook, $225,000.

Michael J. and Wendy G. Eisenmenger to Jessica Hammett, 0.149 acres at 2 Ridgeview Circle, Mill Creek Village Homes, $225,500.

Michael J. and Kellem A. Emanuele to Matthew and Colleen R. Mason, 0.098 acres at 1313 Stoney Ridge Road, Village Homes II of Mill Creek, $292,500.

J. E. and Susan J. Hansborough to Lewellyn L. and Daniel P. Jordan Jr., 9.843 acres at 3625 Raleigh Mountain Trail, Colston, $878,500.

Julian C. and Nicole A. Fagerli, trustees, to Tal and Stephanie R. Wilk, 0.283 acres at 2908 Chimney Springs, Forest Lakes South, $405,700.

Lupos LLC to Janice L. Corrin, unit in Hessian Hills condominiums, 2421 Barracks Place, $250,000.

Liam J. and Tracy S. Montgomery to Kevin B. Graney, 953 Huntwood Lane, Huntwood Townhouses, $238,000.

NVR Inc. to Margaret R. Eheart, 0.071 acres at 2711 Aldersgate Way, Abington Place at Hollymead, $305,877.


Ellen D. and Wilson W. Cropp II to Ann J. Lane, 6.410 acres at 375 Rocky Hollow Road, $295,000.

Albemarle Edgehill Farm LLC to Jamie B. Townsend, trustee, 6.77 acres, $300,000.

Tuckedaway LLC to Cricket Hill Homes Inc., 2.595 acres at 27 Mountain Road, Mountain Harvest Farms, $227,900.  

North Pantops Townhouses LLC to NVR Inc., suite at 154 Hansen Road, The Pavilions at Pantops, $441,000.

Macmillan Pace LLC to John W. and Kelly P. Gasink, 3.339 acres at 1795 Owensville Road, Old Ballard Farm Subdivision, $954,615.

Bryan Parlee and Sharyn D. Markey to Christopher and Kristin Kress, 0.348 acres at 2364 North Chesterfield Court, Chesterfield subdivision, $357,000.

Highlands West LP to Dobson Homes Inc., parcel at 5 Milton Court, Western Ridge, $170,000.


Richard Wayne Call to William P. Marino Jr., 1.173 acres at 260 Pantops Center, Ponderosa building, $823,000.

Pamela S. Anderson to Brad Cooper Bennett, condominium unit at 1508 Villa Terrace East, Villas at Southern Ridge, $180,000.

NVR Inc. to Alice and Lloyd Situkali, 0.072 acres at 331 Rolkin Road, the Pavilions at Pantops, $281,669.

Denise Fields and Roy Emory McClanahan II to Denise Fields McClanahan, 2.80 acres at Old Turnpike Road, Brooksville, Afton, gift.

Thomas E. Kaplan to Todd P. and Elizabeth E. Saunders, 0.340 acres at 815 Filly Run, Cory Farm, $362,000.

Nicholas W. Danforth to Peggy M. and Thomas W. Slaughter Jr., parcel, $2,000.

Carolyn and Bartlett Todd Chisholm to Greenmarle Inc., 0.308 acres at 1091 Autumn Hill Court, Western Ridge, $358,000.

Woodlands of Charlottesville LLC to Gilbert Roland and Katherine W. Kinsey and Gary Weitekamp, condominium unit at 1615 Elmwood Court, Woodlands of Charlottesville, $254,900.

Morrison Bryan and Allison Healy Ashbaugh to Myles and Jennifer Burnsed, 0.117 acres at 63 Court Place, Georgetown Court, $210,000.

Stuart K. Aisenbrey, trustee, to Greenholler LLC and Highland Farms LLC, 308.70 acres at 6142 Highland Orchard Lane, Covesville, $1,530,615.

Stuart K. Aisenbrey, trustee to Highland Farms LLC, 606.55 acres on Highland Orchard Lane, Covesville, $6,269,385.

W. Dean and Lisa K. Herwien-Harman to Jeffrey A. and Celeste E. Smith, 1.419 acres at 4530 Mill Run Lane, Mill Run, $283,500.

Glasser and Glasser P L C, trustee to Bank of America N A, Springdale, $372,800.

Big Deal:


Stuart K. Aisenbrey, trustee to Highland Farms LLC, 606.55 acres on Highland Orchard Lane, Covesville, $6,269,385.