LETTER- Visit Gordonsville

What a wonderful resource the Annual Manual is [August 7]! I'll use it all year. For someone at 76 who has lived in Albemarle County for 66 years, it's nice to learn new things about the county I love.

However, you should have someone proofread very closely. Edgar Bronfman went out of the bison business at least two years ago. Tim and Daphne Reed no longer live in Albemarle.

And there's no mention of Gordonsville under your section on one-day outings. Gordonsville is an up-and-coming place both for shopping and food, not to mention the restored Exchange Hotel which was a hospital during the Civil War. 

It's a most worthwhile place to visit, and only 21 miles away. The architecture of the old part of the town is also worth noting.

Richard Davis