ANNUAL MANUAL- RELIGION- Where do you go to fulfill your spiritual needs?

Billy Hunt: "I go to church at Sojourner's, over on the Corner alley, the United Church of Christ."

Cherylann Ward: "I go to church every Sunday, and I pray and I have a close relationship with my God. I go to Covenant Church on Rio Road."

Jenny Ramirez: "I did go to Waugh United Methodist Church in Glen Arm, Maryland, but now I'm searching around and leaning toward the Unitarian Church in Waynesboro."

Peggy Van Yahres: "In the garden, basically."

Darnell Morris:"Sometimes I go to the Salvation Army, sometimes to First Baptist, and sometimes to Covenant."

Dani Fincher: "I go to church in Richmond, St. Edward's Catholic Church."

Emily Pickett:"I go to Transformation Ministries at First Baptist Church on West Main Street."

Megan Henretta: "There's a beautiful nature trail I've been going to when I get stressed out. I go for a walk in the woods to unwind."

Sharon Ekstrand:"I go to St. Thomas Aquinas on Alderman Road."

Teri Gough: "I go to Mount Zion First African Baptist Church."