Sam and Ming Jean to Lorrie L. and Jayson Jean, 83 Gerogetown Green, gift.

Keswick Corporation to Jeffrey L. and Debra K. Holloway, 2.318 acres in Glenmore, Keswick, $365,000

C. R. Baber and H. D. Bruns II to James E. Crews, 6.75 acres at 3345 James River Road, Scottsville, $50,000.

Equity Trustees LLC to Bank of New York, trustee, parcel in Saddlewood Farms, $266,700.

M. Allen and Marsha L. Affeldt to Jonathan J. and Lynne D. Conboy, 2.0 acres at 7278 Hatfield Acres Lane, Harfield Farm, Dyke, $275,000.

David A. and Jill J. Borak to Luke Z. and Jennifer L. Stewart, 0.125 acres at 1526 Primrose Lane, Lake Reynovia, $244,600.

Cassandra S. and Leon D. Baker Jr. to Christian E. and Karenanne R. Lilley, 102 Wildflower Drive, Key West, $310,000.

Calvin E. and Marianne I. Baker to Thomas and Samantha Schroeder, 0.407 acres at 1530 Broad Crossing Road, Hollymead, $320,000.

Gregory K. Morris to Brenda Morris, 876 Wolf Trap Road, gift.

Spottswood F. Goodloe to Jane T. Pace, 18710 James Madison Highway, Gordonsville, $80,000.


Robert A. and Regina A. West to Bobby Brown III, 0.209 acres at 115 Dorset Court, Camelot, $196,000.

Paul E. Plissey and Sharon M. Teeler to Malcolm C. and Elizabeth H. Andrews, 0.404 acres at 800 Summit View Lane, Cory Farm, $375,000.

Rodolfo and Morena Padilla to Morena Arevalo, 0.68 acres at 4817 Seminole Trail, Piney Mountain, gift.

Daniel P. Jordan Jr. to Jane A. Cox, trustee, 4760 Barnfield Drive, Virginia Estates, Keswick, $400,000.


Craig Tomanelli to Prudential Relocation Inc., parcel in RiverCreek Dunlora, $555,000.

Equity Trustees LLC, trustee, to Deutsche Bank Trust Company America, parcel on south side of State Route 764, $217,600.

Professional Foreclosure Corp. to PHH Mortgage Corp., condominium unit in Parkside Village, $258,200.

Blue Ridge Development of Albemarle LLC to Matthew S. and Karen E. Kossin, 1.110 acres at 461 Patterson Mill Lane, Crozet, $352,500.

Branchlands Corporation to Emerald Ridge Properties LLC, 13.537 acres at Emerald Ridge, gift.


Christopher J. and Lisa C. Northup to Joseph M. and Kelly M. Raichel, 0.427 acres at 1820 River Inn Lane, Still Meadow, $534,000.

Deep Acres LLC to Srijoy Mahapatra and Jigna Patel, 2.008 acres at 1963 Old Ballard Farm Lane, Old Ballard Farm, $300,000.

Susan Carson, trustee, to Commonwealth of Virginia, parcel for Meadowcreek Parkway, $57,825.

Highlands West LP to Craig Enterprirses Inc., parcel at Western Ridge, $270,000.

Bend Properties LLC to Christopher P. and Ellen J. Cuthbert, 5.86 acres at 4602 Grand View Drive, Longacre Farm, $135,000.

Stephen V. and Jana J. Early to Steven and Diane Skalak, 23.1238 acres on Mechum's River, White Hall Magisterial District, $1,450,000.

Scott M. Rubinow and Kristen N. Lochrie-Rubinow to Jana J. Early, 0.541 acres at 3386 Darby Road, Glenmore, Keswick, $630,000.

Bobby G. and Nicole R. Snow to Nicole G. Kardell, 1.019 acres at 3010 Hildridge Drive, $180,000.


Stephen T. Morton to Christpher M. and Corie M. Scott, 6.278 acres at 1700 Brown's Gap Turnpike, gift

Hui Min Yu and Yong Gang Sun to Paul E. Plissey and Sharon M. Teeler, 0.330 acres at 1879 River Inn Lane, Still Meadow, $507,000.

Sarah K. Jones to Susan L. Mintz, 0.199 acres at 7 Waterwheel Court, Village Homes of Mill Creek, $240,000.

Mark B. and Paula V. Rhoads to William J. and Theresa A. O'Brien, 5.0 acres at 4383 Mount Alto Road, Esmont, $419,000.

Preston O. and Cynthia Diane Stallings to David W. and Joanne E. Hassler, 2.001 acres at 2420 Redbud Lane, Redbud subdivision, $580,000.


I&J Home Builders LLC to Teresa Kincaid and Bobby Perkins, 5.018 acres at 7066 Fortune Lane, Keene, $224,951.

Woodland Builders Inc. to Edward R. and Sarah S.  Parrish, 2.359 acres at 1940 Owensville Road, $1,060,000.


Thomas R. and Bette R. Janson, trustees, to Paul L. and Rosemary Dowell, parcel in Peacock Hill, $150,000.

David E. and Betty K. Gardner to Stephen A. and Natalie L. Comer and Eric I. and Megan W. Erkel, 12.4 acres at 3569 Layton Drive, $305,000.

Irene V. Honn, trustee, to Polly D. Doig, 3.237 acres at 1429 Burch's Creek Road, Batesville, $250,000.

END IRA Inc. to Harry and Lucille Davis, unit in Turtle Creek condominiums, 113 Turtle Creek Road, $86,050.

Gerald P. and Connie M. Hudson to Milton S. and Julia C. Smith, 0.223 acres at 1497 Shadow Oakes Place, Rain Tree, $270,000.

Wanda Faye Quick, trustee, to Todd M. and Christy L. Forest, trustees, 71 acres in Samuel Miller Magisterial District, $1,000,000.

Big deal


Stephen V. and Jana J. Early to Steven and Diane Skalak, 23.1238 acres on Mechum's River, White Hall Magisterial District, $1,450,000.